2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

Can you explain that a bit further. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that. You just drop in the nipple in the valve core hole and hope it ends up at the spoke hole you need to replace? that can’t be it…?!

Park has a much better explanation on this than I would.


hope you never break a spoke… holy hell my dude that process looks tedious AF! poor guys or gals at the factory assembling these must have the patience of monks.

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I hope I don’t break one either but if I do, the bike shop will be repairing it haha.

He really likes the rim/system all things considered

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I’ve done this, and I used the end of an old spoke cut off to make it so I could use a magnet to pull the nipple through the rim. It probably doubles the build time, but being tape less is nice

Does the tire also retain more air? I can see the benefit of not having rimtape. But watching the linked video made me cringe even though I wouldn’t work on those wheels myself either haha. I pity your bike mechanic @teddygram but then again, braking a spoke hasn’t been an issue ever for me.

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My gravel wheels will go roughly 4-5 days before dropping from 40psi to about 32-33psi with Pirelli cinturato H tires with only about 2oz of stains in them.

The beautiful thing about the holeless rims is that if you have a slow leak or issues holding air it’s either the tire or the valve needs tightened and that’s it.

I’ve had great success with the holeless rim beds.

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Knock on wood, but I’ve never broken a spoke in almost 20 years of riding. I’m not doing any extreme downhill and a lot of that time was on road, but still I’ve been riding MTB for the last 8 years and never broke one.

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all this wheelset talk made me think it’s about time for ENVE to make those wheels lighter, bring back DT or come up with their innerdrive MTB hub, but those rims have never been the lightest unfortunately

I tried the code, and it either wasn’t applicable to my cart (just two rims, that happen to be on sale), or has been used up.

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The code is still up and running but only works on Alpha or Omega wheelsets

Thank you, I wasn’t sure if it would work anyway.

Out of curiosity though, I was looking at NXT29XMA35. If I didn’t already have hubs, I’d probably try to get the specialized carbon wheels (the ones about $1400 and 28mm inner width).

Anyone able to confirm which rim would be most similar? I’m worried about going too light that it isn’t as robust has the Specialized’s, but also don’t want to go too heavy that they’re too stiff (as I’m on a hardtail).


Are you talking about the Roval Control?

Nextie is calling the NXT29XMA35 out for All Mountain riding at a very low weight of 355g. I am interpreting your comment as you want something strong and light.

They do have video validation of pretty robustness of the Vista rim which they use on the Alpha wheelset (lightest rim/wheelset available from them).

Correct, I struggle to remember which is which with most brands naming conventions. (really, these days Shimano is about the only brand I can follow without even thinking about it).

Thanks for the Nextie link. I wish brands like Nextie would have fewer models. They have so many different rims, especially as you add in that some come in different layups/weights to.

The sensible me, should just sell the hubs I have and get the Specialized wheels (maybe at $1350 less 15% with the email sign up, plus tax), but the the wheeler dealer me thinks that nextie rims + spokes is more like $700, and that is easier to stomach.

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I put some miles on this setup yesterday and the front didn’t give me much confidence on loose over hard pack although it was only slighly worse compared to the aspen and race kings I’ve used in the past on a different bike.

For testing, I went ahead and ordered a 2.2 and 2.3 Racing Ray to put on the front while keeping a Burt on the rear.


Not trying to sway you but last night I made a calculator for the Nextie products to make it easier.

You could get lighter wheels and cheaper from Nextie than Roval with your own configuration.

See my estimate for you

You can get it even cheaper with the Nextie hub which based on what I’m seeing is just a knock off DT Swiss, but still roughly 1370g for $935 is awesome in a rim “you” want.

Specialized lifetime warranty is for manufacture defect, not if you bash it (although they make take care of it), the replacement is only 2-years long.

Check the warranty page out before biting in hard on it.


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FYI your math is off for your hubs. A boost set of dt 350 is around 450-500 grams. I think you’re hard pressed to get a wheel sub <1500 on those. My dt 240 set is around 350 grams.

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That is direct from DT Swiss

234+143 = 377g

I don’t have any other way to reference that.

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With a Steel axle (hybrid and maybe 370 hubs) and HG Freehub, maybe.
R2 has 144+ 244gr 388gr for a Boost 6bolt MIcrospline 350 28h sp 15/12mm set.


Ah sorry gents, I have a spreadsheet of dt swiss hub weights but it was referencing weights from 2022, and was also for J bend spokes. My data is out of date, or there is some weight savings with the straight pull. Either way I’m wrong and disregard!

That is outstanding weight and value for (imo) one of the best hubs out there.

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