2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

I cant believe how many SKU there are now with the Hybrid, pawl/Ratchet/EXP, classic/ SP, Centerlock/6bolt…… I ruined myself trying to convert a used pawl hybrid into a ratchet. The outer ring is a different size and the LN seal means a different freehub body.

Looking at this more in depth I rode my gravel tires 13-days ago and pumped them to 41psi. Tonight I tested my tire pressure and it only dropped to 35psi (-6psi) in 13-days

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This sounds like probably the fastest overall XC tire combo available. I’d give it a try if those tires weren’t so expensive. I’ve been happy with the Fast Trak/Renegade combo which I’ve gotten on sale for less than $50 per tire.

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Just installed ray/burt 2.35 but haven’t had a chance to ride yet, it’s been a downpour the last few days! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Interesting tidbit I picked up from my dealer: the designation 180, 240, 350 came from the set weight of DT hubs. But that was in the 135 QR era


Finally able to take some time to build this thing up. The 32SC is a placeholder for the ordered Rockshox FA. Excited to maybe even ride that thing this weekend already ha!


NIce! I’m also on the wait for the FA :frowning:

Eyes on the new Cannondale yesterday. It was the lower end build. Specd with Ron Race and Aspen (rear), so they aren’t hiding the bike’s intentions.

Still don’t like the integrated routing.


Where did you and @jn92 order FA from, LBS? I haven’t seen anywhere yet where I can presumably get on a waitlist.

This is a pretty crappy pic of my build. Haven’t been working it with any great urgency because I was debating about whether I wanted to replace the brakes on there and get a new Wheelset.

I ended up ordering a pair of Nextie wheels with the discount from @teddygram so am waiting on them. I decided to leave the stock brakes on there for now. They’re SRAM level stealth bronze 4 piston. The ‘bronze’ level is at odds with everything else on this bike but the weight difference between them and ultimate seems like it’s less than 50g or so which was surprising and the ultimate stealth’s are $600. If these brakes feel bad when I get out and ride then I’ll swap them, but I can’t spend $600 to save <100g alone.

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LBS order, but usual suspects were also willing to order like probikesupply, bicyclestation. ETA June/July they don’t know for sure yet :frowning:

I ordered from r2. They have the fork in stock and the shock should arrive end of may. LBS was useless/clueless

dont you need the whole system for flight attendant to work?

I already have a quarq PM :+1:

What configuration did you get?

Alpha rims, DT240 hubs, XD, center lock, carbon oval spokes, tubeless ready no holes.


Very nice! Same as mine except I went 6-bolt

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Lucky they will deliver to you, I’ve only got an ETA of mid June :confounded:

I was on their asses for the Epic 8 FA shock so probably one of the first to get informed about the availability. The Carbon link from Specialized should be available in 6 months aftermarket. Both are estimated delivery dates and after what happened in Taiwan, who knows really. Until this stuff arrives, I‘m happy to ride the Fox setup I have now.

2021 Carbon Scalpel 2 with EVERYTHING on it and ready to hit the trails (seat pack with tube and CO2, cages, pedals, sealant, tire liner out back, etc.) you know all they things you put on after the magazine review is done and you actually get the bike.

Weighed it yesterday at 28.2 lbs. YEESH. it really puts the whole weight for the article vs actual use into perspective. Then again it isn’t like I said “Well I might bend a derailleur hanger, might as well bring this forge hammer and anvil along just in case…”


That’s the one I saw at the shop the other day, and it indeed felt heavy doing the obligatory showroom lift.