2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

I don’t want carbon spokes, but thanks. I’ll check HUNT out

Great success guys!!!

Nextie authorized (3) 10% off purchases from the website in whatever configuration you want!

You will use code NX10VSWH

If (3) people soak this up quick and others miss out they may authorize more.

I got mine!



I proceeded until checkout where they wanted to charge 261 USD for shipping making them as expensive as Roval SL so I passed. Have fun with yours! Which one did you end up buying? Alpha or Omega?

How would you rate the Nextie vs the Roval SL? I thought that the Nextie are better in quality.

Where are you located?

Shipping was $120 for me.

I went Alpha with 240 hubs and carbon round spokes and tubless.

I have no experience with Roval MTB wheels. The CLX 50 on my Tarmac were flawless and a joy to ride. I assume these ‚standard’ carbon wheels with CX-ray spokes all ride fairly the same. If you want a different ride feel I suggest to look into BERD spokes, PI Rope or Zipp Hitop wheels.


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That explains the price! What a beautiful place you live at!

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I’ve had CLX50 road wheels in the past, compared to my current Nextie and Winspace wheels I would say I can’t tell a difference and the Chinese manufactures products are just as nice.

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Looking back on this how much can you get the roval wheels for?

If you setup the alpha with 240 hubs and aluminum spokes the wheels are still lighter than the rovals and cost $1287 after discount before shipping. So around $1500-$1600 for you, I see the Rovals for $2,250-$2,500 range (not sure on shipping for those).

I configured the Nexties with 180s and CX-ray. That’s 1890US$ - 10% + 261 = 1962US$ and then once the parcel goes trough customs at the border I pay about 10-15% in import and tarifs so about 2200$ total, times currency rate of 0.91 = 2000 CHF. The Roval SL is 2000 CHF and I can pick them up at my dealer. So the Nextie adventure is not worth it to me. With the 240s the Nextie is cheaper yes and still a bit lighter but not worth the hassle if something happens. I’m 85-90kg so I don’t worry about 100g +/- of systemweight.

I’m leaning BERD Hawk 27 or Zipp Hitop at the moment. It’s going to be a second wheelset for the bike with a bit heavier tires on them anyway so I’m even less concerned about the weight increase… The weight weenie in me has died apparently

also: NEXTIE doesn’t say anything about rider weight limit (or I haven’t found it yet). Systemweight for me will be >100kg and a rim that’s 280g is probably not designed for that…

This bike will be my return to MTB’ing since a gnarly crash in 2021, which resulted in me needing 6 surgeries. I don’t wanna push my luck by getting the lightest rims I can find.


I think that all makes sense.

For me the final price shipped for the alpha with DT240 and carbon spokes comes out to 1740 USD.

Coincidentally that’s almost exactly the price I can get the Zipp Hitop SW for with some discounts @mfa81 found.

Still a tough decision given weight is not the be all end all, but I am leaning towards keeping my current 1500g ish Reserve wheels for more general day to day riding and then getting the Nexties as more of a race and special occasion Wheelset. The reserves have lifetime warranty so would take more of the daily abuse.


which Reserve do you have? I had the Reserve30 on my Hightower and apart from the weight they were rock solid. That’s why I considered them as well but they are a bit cost prohibitive where I’m at. Dealer said CHF 2990 for the Reserve 28 with DT 180 hubs, 2590 with 240. That’s 3300 or 2860US$ respecitvely. They don’t ship international from their website. 1.5x the price of what they cost in the US…

they come with the fillmore valves, but still… yikes

The imports really stink for you.

I found that they claim a load limit of 100kg per wheel. I will ask what the total weight limit is. I am also a 90kg rider!

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I have an older set of Reserve 25 boost with DT350. Now they only sell the 25 as a gravel wheelset but when I got it 3-4 years ago they sold the 25 as an MTB wheelset. Still, I’ve beat the hell out of them and never had an issue.

I’d like to have 2 sets of wheels, one with 2.4 tires with chunkier tread and the other with a lighter more race focused casing/tread. Changing tires on the same rims between events all summer has gotten old.

The one catch is that 25mm internal width is narrow for 2.4 tires.


It’s not just the imports. Too many parties involved that take out a cut. I asked my dealer with whom I’ve a really good relation with and asked for a little discount and he basically said he can’t do anything as they barely make any money on wheels anyway. Must be the importer that takes out a huge cut or Santa Cruz just sells them at a crazy upcharge to overseas dealers?

that’s my experience too and hence why I considered them. BERD offers lifetime warranty also and are cheaper to get for me and still pretty fancy wheels

I think the We Are One Discount is over, but I am about $1900 with We Are One Revive, DT Swiss 180’s, and Berd Spokes. Assembled by Berd, all shipping included… You’d pay about $140 more now without the WeR1 discount…

Just sayin…


I’ll ask BERD. Would be my second wheelset from them.

The closed rim bed on the Nexties so you don’t have to do tape is appealing to me. Probably because I had been changing tires so much on my previous rims but I found I was having to change rim tape about twice per season which gets old.

How does it work if you need to replace a spoke though? I know Roval offers plugs for the SL wheels but you just pull the plug if you need to service the spoke.

The Nexties look like it’s literally smooth carbon though?

Note: these aren’t the XC wheels, just was trying to find a picture of the closed rim bed option


I have the Nextie tubeless feature on all my Nextie wheels.

Not dealing with tape is amazing IMO and another technology advantage they are using on these wheels. It seals and holds air great without any issues. They also claim it makes the wheel stronger without having holes drilled in it.

If you break a spoke and need to replace the nipple, it is fed through the valve core/stem hole.