2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

No idea, I’d say prior to spring.

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I’ll take the over. :wink:


The Oiz is on my shortlist. Looks like they just released a new paint too:


One Up new dropper.

XC light. I’m not sure I’d go for one over my PNW Loam given the extra cost and I don’t much care for the slowness of hydraulic droppers.

Can get a lot of drop for not much weight though.


Genuinely light. Nearly 100g lighter than my KS Lev Ci in 125mm drop!


Pretty incredible what Oneup has been able to do. It’s been around for only 10 years and seems to stay on the cutting edge. This dropper absolutely eats the fox transfer and transfer sls lunch! Lighter, cheaper, and likely more reliable.

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I’m not going to run out and replace my T-SL for this, but if I ever have issues with the Fox, this’ll be top of the list.

That said, even though the 2-position is pretty limiting, I do appreciate that the T-SL is mechanical rather than pneumatic.

Also, I think I have enough room on my fat bike to fit a 240mm… very tempting as my first real snow ride told me I should consider a dropper (anything to get weight off the front when it gets loose).

I’m tempted, as I’m looking for an xc dropper. I’m just hesitant to put an unknown quantity on my mountain bike. Someone want to guinea pig this for me? :pray:

I’m a bit out of the loop regarding XC bikes and am considering getting a 2020/2021 Epic EVO in the dove grey color with really low spec as I will be taking brakes and drivetrain over from my current hardtail. A dealer has one in my size for a very reasonable price. I was just wondering if they tweaked anything besides the different logo on the downtube and different colors between 2020/21 and 2022/23?

I’ve read rumors on MTBR and Reddit about the new Epic EVO going 130 and the Epic going 120/120, possibly with Flight Attendant? Does anyone here know more about that? That’d be my ultimate goal to end up with an XC/DC bike with Flight attendant to not have to fiddle with lockouts. If that’d be the case I’d hold out until Spring to see what Specialized has up its sleeves to show us. hmm

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OneUp has been one of the best brands I’ve worked with from a support perspective, I’ve had three of the v2 dropper posts. The only time I ran into any issues with the threads stripping on one post they quickly sent out a replacement, otherwise they’ve been flawless. They are well built and super easy to service, if anything fails they are great about having the parts available so it is a cheap fix instead of needing a new post.

Looking at a new dropper this is all I’d recommend, unless you just want to flex with something wireless. Good price, about as light as anything on the market, full lineup of sizes with adjustability, easy to work on, and great support.

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It’s been this and divine. The divine is a known qauntity, and I have one already, so service will be straightforward.

That’s what I did. Harvest Gold EVO, full rebuild with a 45mm stroke rear shock for 120/120


Sweet bike and build!

I picked up the XO transmission (originally for another bike) but am thinking of putting it on my Evo. I am a bit hesitant though as it comes with a 1-ish pound “weight penalty” compared to the XX1 AXS I have on it now. I see you have the XX… how does it perform? Think it is worth the change?


What’s the return speed of the OneUp like over extended use.

Honestly, I can’t see any reason to buy any other dropper post if the V3 OneUp does as claimed. I’ve never heard a single bad thing about them. They seem like the Toyota Corolla of dropper posts.

I just never considered them a performance option, so they haven’t been on my radar.

350hr service intervals, extra rotation keys for quietness and less wobble wobble, and the weight. Very appealing the more I look at it.

I came from the XX1 AXS on the previous gen Epic w/Brain. It has been great, I haven’t noticed the slowness of the shifts. As for weight, this bike is a solid 1.5 lbs lighter, mostly in the wheels, DT 240 vs 350.

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I’ve heard of some people having them going saggy, but it has been a while since I heard that, so maybe newer ones are better.
I thought the divine sl was already pretty light, so the fact that it’s so much lighter gives me pause. On the other hand, they make it out to 240mm, which is a lot longer than I’d get, so maybe the design is more durable than I give it credit for

There’s a good video on YouTube outlining the changes. Obviously it’s got an element of marketing speak to it, but if you give them the benefit of the doubt (which it appears they’ve earned, but I’ve only personally had experience with their pumps/edc tools) then it presents really well.

The guys says that most of the weight savings are in the cartridge. I guess there’s legitimate concern that a smaller cartridge is less robust. They have an extensive warranty and pretty good reputation for serviceability/customer service so I have to assume they’re confident the smaller cartridge is as robust as the V2 :man_shrugging:.

It’s the first cartridge type dropper I’d consider going back to since going from my (garbage) fox transfer, to my PNW.

going to reply to myself here…

apparently the 2024 Epic will be launched on feb 6th according to this product sheet:

So I’ll just wait and see


Do you have links to these articles? I’ve heard the same from a shop.


I didn’t notice any falloff in return speed over a year, and that was on the one with the seal issue that was warrantied. The other two have been even better.

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