2024 Lifetime Grand Prix

Announcing the field on 11/7/2023

Who’s in and who’s out?

I feel pretty certain the Top 15 from both fields will make the cut (assuming they applied).

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I think the top 15 are re-invited automatically. They were cutting down from 35 to 30 for 2024 so a bit more competition for those last 15 slots.

There were a fair share of people that didn’t do at least 5 events, so unless they are sponsor related I would expect them to be the first ones to be thanked for the participation in 2023 and be done with it.

TBH there is a good chunk of “popularity” / Social Media presence that factors in so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I obviously need to work on the delivery of my sarcasm… :crazy_face:

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who knows, there could be people from the top 15 that just don’t want to do it, so that’s why ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, I’m sure some will back out…for me, the interesting component will be what new applicants come in from Europe. That will likely bump out some domestic guys that normally would have gotten a look.

Seems pricey to do all that travel for races that have no prize purse (and the ones that do like Sea Otter are are only $500 for first). First place won’t even cover the car rental.

Oh yeah…I think that anyone seriously considering the overall series is making their money through other sponsors (or their own money)…or at least having sponsors substantially underwrite their expenses (staying at sponsors VRBO houses, etc).


2024 Line Up


  • Alex Howes
  • Alex Wild
  • Alexey Vermeulen
  • Andrew L’Esperance
  • Brendan Johnston
  • Bradyn Lange
  • Cole Paton
  • Carter Anderson
  • Dylan Johnson
  • Finn Gullickson
  • Howard Grotts
  • Jack Odron
  • John Borstlemann
  • Jordan Schleck
  • Keegan Swenson
  • Konny Looser
  • Kyle Trudeau
  • Lachlan Morton
  • Lance Haidet
  • Logan Owen
  • Matthew Beers
  • Nathan Spratt
  • Payson McElveen
  • Peter Stetina
  • Petr Vakoc
  • Russell Finsterwald
  • Sean Fincham
  • Tasman Nankervis
  • Torbjørn Andre Røed
  • Zach Calton


  • Alexis Skarda
  • Anna Hicks
  • Anna Yamauchi
  • Caroline Tory
  • Cecily Decker
  • Crystal Anthony
  • Danni Schrosbree
  • Deanna Mayles
  • Ellen Campbell
  • Emily Newsom
  • Erin Huck
  • Haley Smith
  • Hannah Otto
  • Hayley Preen
  • Heather Jackson
  • Jenna Rinehart
  • Kristen Legan
  • Kate McLaughlin
  • Lauren De Crescenzo
  • Lauren Stephens
  • Leah Van der Linden
  • Melisa Rollins
  • Michaela Thompson
  • Paige Onweller
  • Peta Mullens
  • Sofia Gomez Villafane
  • Sarah Lange
  • Sarah Max
  • Sarah Sturm
  • Samara Sheppard
    Athletes - Life Time Grand Prix℠

Happy to see Alex Wild back in the mix.


Agree about Alex Wild. Same with Melisa Rollins back this year. They got rid of some likeable women who were not really getting results. Maybe they didn’t apply or maybe they didn’t make the cut?

Yeah missing Emma Grant and Ruth Edwards missing from the women’s field.

I think if you missed more than 2 events you were auto cut.

Oh wow, how is Ruth not on there? Did she miss a lot? Because she was very strong at the end of the season. I was referring to Iz King, Hannah Shell, and Becca Fahringer all being gone.

Ruth Edwards is going back to road racing. She did not apply for the Grand Prix in 2024.


No Kerry Werner on the men’s side. Feel a little bit bad for him. Sponsors basically told him he had to stop racing cross in favor of this type of stuff and you can tell he really doesn’t like it/excel in it. Really wish he would have won a natty when he was still able to devote all his time towards cx. Wonder what he’ll do now that he wasn’t selected for the Grand Prix. Maybe nothing really changes and he still does these types of events.


And Tobin Ortenblad isn’t in for 24. Guess they decided Keegan didn’t need a diesel lead out ?

The LTGP series is as competitive as ever. In the last two years I think it’s gaining in popularity and is the marquee gravel series in existence. However, BWR and Gravel Earth are two other options in terms of series available to racers worldwide.

Also, after a couple of years, I think that the athletes have had a chance to take in the time and expense it takes to compete in the series and what sacrifices need to be made by forgoing other events, experiences and time away from family etc.

As a spectator, it’s been exciting to see the results and listen to all the podcase and watch all the videos and live coverage on YT and Insta. I’m excited to see the racing next year and see how everyone does.

It’s great to see Alex back on the men’s side. On the women’s side I’m rooting for Anna Hicks and Anna Yamauchi as they are both grads of my alma matter, along with Lance Haidet on the men’s side.

Amazing to see Samara Sheppard in there.

I’m also pleased to see Alex Wild back in.

The men’s list is a bit uninspiring, but then again I don’t know who I would have liked to have seen that would get value in the series.

He was kind of irrelevant in terms of the LTGP wasn’t he? He will still be at all the events to domestique his way around.

I think Anna had been planning on doing NCL in 2024, but I see that might have to be adjusted a little bit. Sea Otter is defiantly a trial by fire for those that have mostly road and some gravel background. Fort Ord rewards a good engine, but will bite hard if you don’t show the technical sections the respect they deserve.

That’s the benefit of a team though. They can afford to get Tobin to where he needs to be and it’s not at 100% of the LT races either.