2024 Leadville Thread

Thanks for the tip…I reached out to Maurten and they have confirmed that their 160 and 320 mix can be frozen without compromising the hydrogel formula.


Three weeks out I think your North Carolina race will be amazing training. You’ll totally be recovered and in better shape for Leadville. Good luck!

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Not even sure I’m going to start (Salzkammergut) tomorrow, let alone finish. I’ve had the worst luck with events this year. :sob:

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Yep new variant spreading easier and gooping up the works.

I was infected the day before Unbound this year. Luckily it didn’t hit me for four days. The good news is that I was well vaxxed and the sum total of my symptoms were achy knees foe 2 days (could have been those 14 hours of Unbound) and a fever of 100.4 for 4 hours.

You got this.

Race day is 4 weeks away, really happy to wrap up my final training block today. Next week is rest and then taper into the race. At this point of the season, I’m so ready to stop training and start racing. Hay is in the barn and all that, just need to let it simmer and not screw anything up for a few more weeks.

Today’s ride was basically race day simulation to test fitness and nutrition. It went really well, felt strong all day. 8+ hours and 14k feet of climbing (.76 IF and 475 TSS). Adjust that IF down for altitude and it’s right at my NP target for Leadville.


Damn, all of our worst nightmares. At least there is 4 weeks until Leadville, you will probably miss a week or 2 of good training but you should be ok, fingers crossed.

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It’s really remarkable to me the TSS / IF that you’ve built up to for even just your training. Great job!

I think the one ride I’ve done of that IF / TSS was the LT100 last year, most of my “Hard” long training Rides are in the 200-250 range other than a couple that I’ve done up to ~350 TSS with my hardest week around 800 TSS total.

From my side leading into the race, about a week of hard stuff and then taper. I’m doing race pace rides mixing in target power intervals for segments of the course, with the NP adjusted up because I’m at Sea Level. Not dealing with altitude, but I am dealing with temps in the 90’s and super high humidity. Today is a “second half sim” - 3.5 hours at .76 IF on tired legs in the heat, but a mix of some Threshold, Sweet Spot, and Tempo that I’ll see in the second half of the course. Maybe, just maybe the heat and how tired I am might make it actually feel like Powerline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t wait until I roll into Leadville two weeks from today.


Yeah, I struggle to gauge my fitness this time of year doing all my training outside in the heat/humidity. The only intervals I’ve been doing have been capped at sweet spot for ~12 minutes at a time on a local hill. Just lots and lots of volume in the heat, hoping it makes powerline feel manageable. Yesterdays’ big ride was longer than max rides in previous years, but weather was unseasonably nice for Texas. Still pushing 90 and high humidity, but nice cloud cover most of the day. Started at 4am and was in mid 70’s for the first few hours, felt like fall weather other than crazy humidity. I took a couple very easy weeks after unbound and then felt pretty terrible for a week or so in the heat, but then settled in nicely. Not much structure, just riding hills all day on every training ride. The complete focus on climbing is a change from prior years, will be interesting to see how it plays out at leadville. I’ve always been a poor climber, but definitely feeling more comfortable and smoother on the steep stuff.

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I a little bit feel the same about having a hard time gauging fitness sometimes. I know my threshold is up this year, but been hard to gauge how that’s translated to the bike and being able to hold higher IF’s for longer, because I haven’t done anything longer than 6-7 hours, and I haven’t done an effort like I will on race day (except maybe one in the Spring where I was inching up towards race pace for 7 hours)

Today though, I felt like things might be coming together. Did an interval session on the MTB on the road in the heat that looked like this:

@kurt.braeckel cooked some of these up based on the IF’s I did last year for different parts of the course. Basically, an attempt to somewhat simulate the efforts of the second half today, after doing 5 hours of Z2 yesterday to make sure I came in with a little fatigue.

Left to right some in/out of tempo for Twin Lakes to PowerLine. 10 minutes at Threshold dropping into 50 minutes of High Tempo for Powerline, then 25 minutes at low SST and a couple short threshold intervals for coming up Carter, then 30 minutes getting into mid SST for coming up the Boulevard. All IF based for my sea level FTP.

And this time, executed it right to plan even when the heat topped out at 94 at the end and humid, so much worse than I’ll see race day. Didn’t feel like I was falling off, and came in with .79 IF for the 3:30 workout, and .76 IF after cruising home at recovery / Z2. (Although, there was a quick stop to pick up more fluids during a rest interval, but don’t think that really helped / hurt me and wasn’t really an option anyways)

Last year I did just sort of free / fartlek type rides targeting a certain IF, but I’m liking these for the variety.


@Jason_Kennedy @Erik_Wahlstrom

Sadly I was already into the symptoms pretty badly (temperature, coughing, sore through, lungs feeling terrible)… and even the ride over to the start felt like a meaningful effort.

However, I basically put myself into “limp home” mode and somehow managed to get through it!

Salzkammergut Trophy 2024 - Extreme Course (COVID Edition) | Ride | Strava

Two days of rest, and hopefully back to my last two weeks of training. I still don’t think I have sub 9 in me (too much has gone wrong for me this year), but it’s not going to stop me trying.

Edit - Just looked at my HR. Really happy with how I controlled my effort.


Lutsen and Silver Rush corrals updated. As predicted, they definitely went more strict and faster on the cutoffs.

I would have been red with last year’s cut offs, ended up green this time. (Edit - based on percentile, obviously not 1-1, course was entirely different this year)

Missed by 1:28, that’s becoming a trend for me. :joy:


Man, that’s closer than me, I missed red at rattler by 3 minutes after they adjusted times by 15. It’s my own damn fault though. I thought they might adjust times, but I didn’t think it would be by 15 minutes. My powermeter dropped during the race and I figured I’d spend a little time in the pits to swap in a new battery (which didn’t fix it). I was over 15 minutes ahead of “old red” pace at that point and still feeling good, figured I was safe for red even with a long stop. Not so much. But it’s probably a pretty accurate cutoff time. I’ve never gone sub 8:30, but a couple times in the 8:40’s. So, green corral is probably right for me. I didn’t really care much about missing red when the cutoffs were updated, but then they changed the crew rules and only gold/silver/red can park at twin lakes aid this year. We are debating my wife/crew doing the shuttle to TL or maybe try the alternate aid station closer to columbine (which will probably be a total zoo with the changes). I have delusions that I might have a sub 8:30 in me this year, but would be very happy to get under 9.


I’m still really annoyed about being in Brown. I’m going to have to be super aggressive to get up to the quicker riders…

…problem is, I’m British, I only really do passive aggressive.


I would have liked the parking pass, and bragging rights, but shouldn’t impact my day. Lutsen was the biggest weather impacted shit-show I’ve ever seen, so would’ve been nice to see them be a bit more lenient instead of going the other way

I was purple last year, finished in 9:02, and this year I have the experience from last year along with an extra 30w of ftp (sea level) at the same weight. Goal is 100% sub 9 after the near miss last year, but more stretch goal I think I have sub 8:30 in me.


Good luck to you all as race day approaches. I ended up having to miss Silver Rush due to some last minute international work travel and as a result went my last chance of getting a coin for this year. Probably for the best since a bunch of travel has disrupted my consistency lately. Would be fine for sub-12 but doubt I have sub-9 fitness at the moment and I’m not good at adjusting goals back. I’ll be back one of these years.

Special extra major kudos to all of you for completing these long training days in the heat. It’s really only been proper, stupid hot in CO the last week or so and it greatly diminishes my enthusiasm to train. You guys are hard men training in places like Texas with this year’s summer.


Any tricks that people use when pushing for a stretch time at Leadville? I was 4:26 at silver rush with a 25 minute detour and a bottle filling stop, and my goal for Leadville is break 7. The 1.8x rule puts that at 7:10 if I can stay on course. I’m thinking a camelback is worth it to have enough water, and I have a friend who can help with bottles, but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to be at more than 1 station on the way out and 1 on the way back. Should I start with extra water and take only bottles up columbine, or is there a better way?

I’ll ignore the fitness / pacing component because I’ll probably be in the 8:30 - 9 range coming from Green and nowhere near 7.

Assuming you’re in red or higher and have a parking pass for the Dam (or are okay sending a buddy there by shuttle) Personally I’d carry a pack to Twin Lakes Dam, Bottles Up Columbine and back to Twin Lakes, Pack / Bottles to make it all the way in. You could leave Twin Lakes on the way in with a pack, and an empty bottle with Mix that you could fill at Outward Bound or Carter if needed.

Took me 3.5 hours on a 9 hour pace to go from the Dam to finish last year. The morning to Twin Lakes you can get by with less water. The afternoon from Twin Lakes home could be a lot Hotter where you need more.

I had a grand total of 6 minutes of stoppage time last year for two aid station stops using drop bags, and taking a leak twice by the side of the trail. If you don’t have to stop to take a leak, you could be around 60s total.

It’s a balance between making up time in the first half of the race where it’s cooler and you have the benefit of riding with fast people to Twin Lakes, and not shelling yourself so bad to the point where Pipeline and Powerline in the heat just suck the life out of you late.

Eat your face off but be careful of dehydration and stomach issues as the day wears on.

I don’t use liquid fuel especially in the morning because it’s too cool and I end up over-hydrating to the point I have to stop to take a leak. And, I like gels because if my stomach starts feeling off I can just skip one or two to let hydration catch back up.


Just a quick point of reference thinking about heat and how much water you’ll need:

At the start, temperature dropped to 45 degrees on my Garmin. The temperature reading on it exaggerates in full sun because of Heat Soak, but it spiked to 93 degrees F in the sun for part of Pipeline last year before plummeting back down to 50 F climbing Powerline in clouds and rain showers.

It will probably be cold where you don’t need a lot of fluids in the morning.

It can get legit hot and dry and I remember a portion of Pipeline feeling every bit of that 93 (That section climbing up to the actual Pipeline from the pavement sorta sucked)


I still made silver, so I should be starting with a fast group, and not being in gold might me help reduce the risk of trying to keep up with pros over the first two climbs so I have a good group. I’m hoping to find a good group, but will just have to play it by ear. Living in Denver definitely helps with access to the course for scouting and some acclimation.