2023 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

I wish I’d weighed my frame before I built it up. It felt very light in hand.

500g is not nothing, but I guess it comes down to what your preferences are.

Is that the DC frame ~2500g?

Will you transfer all your light bits across except the shock?

What about a Santa Cruz? It sounds like they are a more popular brand in the UK than I realised, are there any second hand frames?

This review goes against what I’d read on forum posts about the Mondraker. It sounds like a very firm platform.

I’d love to try one. Especially the new one. Might be an ideal candidate for my preferred no lockout setup.

After breaking another fox lockout lever (think this is number 5) I can’t wait for my next bike to have a simple switch on the shock & fork. Remote lockouts are unnecessary with a modern bike that pedals well, but it is nice to lock it out for road connections.


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The F Podium is basically a kilo heavier than any of the other bikes with equivalent wheelset / finishing kit.

The DC and RR is no different in weight as it is the same frameset just with a different stroke shock (same eye to eye).

That’s out of the window.

An element is a different proposition entirely - it would be a trail bike that is just about light enough to whack a set of race kings (maybe 25mm internal 180 hubbed light wheels vs heavier 240 30mm wheels with your trail tyres on) and race.

There is a very pretty one for sale near me…(if he’s on here I apologise but I am considering messaging you :D.