2023 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

You’re not the only one!

They had the geo in the T429, all they had to do was make it lighter and pop shorter suspension on it.
I loved the Pivots I’ve had, but had is the proverbial word here. They are expensive, so all but one for me had been second hand.
I’m on an Epic Evo now and can’t see me going back. If I were looking for an XC race bike, I’d probably look at the Specialized Epic WC.


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Price aside, how does the mach 4sl compare to the epic evo? Do you think the new (v3) M4SL would make up for any of the differences that there might be?

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I can only compare the one I have with the Epic Evo. For me, the Evo is more comfortable.
The Mach4SL does pedal great, but at the lower suspension bikes, the multi linkage systems really aren’t that needed.

I can’t speak for the new bike, it’s lighter, but the Evo is still lighter.
I’ve found that climbing on the Evo for me is better, I feel like I have a good bit more traction.
In trail mode on the rear shock, it picks up some speed on the more green fast trails.

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Not a TON of time - but it’s what I use on my Oiz since I got it last summer. Only issue I’ve found is if I torque the seat clamp to the advertised 5NM, it won’t reliably return to extension. I had to drop down to ~3.5 NM, but also haven’t had an issue with slipping either.

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As a follow up to the Evo climbing over the Mach4SL. Did a trail system I haven’t ridden in a while and had traction for days on some really steep ups. The Evo felt like it sucked down to the ground and allowed me to crawl up some without spinning out.

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I decided to go ahead and purchase the 150mm Transfer SL. REI is going 20% off and I had some dividends bringing it under $300. I was on the fence about that and the 100mm, but there is only a 60g difference and the shorter travel I’d have to pay full price.

It’s replacing a 150mm KS Lev that I bought used a couple years ago. So, shiny new gold dropper and over 100g weight savings.


I have had a Fox Transfer SL for four months now on my Lux Trail, it works well and didn’t get stuck even in the coldest winter conditions. It’s light too!


My KS Lev Ci is on its last leg I was thinking about going with a fox transfer sl but biggest drop is 100mm and id prefer 125mm.

The SL comes in a 125 and 150 now, in 31.6.

Edit: only 31.6, not 30.9.

Woah, I didn’t realise how light and long the Transfer SL is

Copied from the Fox website:

  • 31.6 x 125mm, 80mm min insertion, 275mm max insertion, 455mm extended length, Starting weight: 432g
  • 31.6 x 150mm, 80mm min insertion, 275mm max insertion, 480mm extended length, Starting weight: 437g

I wonder what “starting weight” means.

Those of you that have them installed, what’s the return speed like? Seems like they’ve improved the reliability of them over the Transfer, though I don’t love the process for servicing Fox posts…

I used one in person last week for the first time (friend’s bike). Return speed is FAST. Also incredibly easy to drop—I can do it with one finger. I’m impressed. I’d consider replacing my beloved PNW Loam with one, but $$$ and I do like having 170mm of drop on my XC bike, as well as the ability to drop the post just a bit for certain rocky climbs.

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That’s the one thing that has always kept me away from the fox SL. The all or nothing is great 90% of the time but occasionally dropping it just a 1/2” can be really nice.

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Unless I’m missing it on the website it shows only a 31.6

Oops, looks like I was wrong… edited my post above.

That page says 27.2, 30.9, 31.6 down in the details.

If you look closely you’ll see that only the 31.6 comes in 125 or 150mm. All other sizes max out at 100mm.

There goes my desire to put one on my Epic Evo. Probably for the best.

Mis-read what you were looking for at first.

Point of reference - I personally have the 100/31.6 - and haven’t missed having more (coming from a 175). But, also get that others may want more.

Bike yoke divine comes in 30.6 x 125mm and weighs <370g

Any one use a Ibis Exie? Besides it being one of the ugliest bikes ever made the sizing seems really funky. 440 reach on a medium and 480 on a large. Seems like either size is really wrong.