2023 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

I have a large Exie, and I love it :laughing: not sure if there’s anything in particular you wanted to know about it, but with a 40mm stem the handling feels a lot like a gen 1 ripmo. I currently have a 70mm on it to feel racey, and that’s also worked very well.

Spot on.

The stack height is slightly taller than the KS Lev, so the Transfer will sit slightly lower in the frame.

I have a 75mm one and its super fast return. You just have to make sure you fully seat it so it comes back up.

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Transfer SL owners… how much cable/lever play do you have with the post in the “up” position?
How about in the “down” position? Are they different or the same?

My up position has a fair amount of slack and down is taut.

on the subject of Seat posts/ dropper posts. I have a FourStroke with the integrated post (Love it when it works!) but the lever is either digging into my thumb or way too far from me. I am wondering if it is ok to run one of these?

Any other good alternatives to the Kona Unit in the workhorse hardtail/ss/rigid category?
It seems they are pretty hard to get hold of, and the market splits between low-end bikes with cheap suspension and forks or really nice frames at double the cost. Haven’t had much luck with the used market locally.

Does anyone have experience with Onyx hubs?

I’ve just built mine up and there’s a hideous squeak coming from the front, brake side. It appears to be an issue with the end cap/o-ring.

End cap out, no noise in bearing, on end cap all the way in and it’s very draggy on that end and squeaky :man_shrugging:.

what about a surly KM?

I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Onyx directly, I’ve always had very good experiences with their technical support:


Had a great response from customer support. They just said to grease the back of the top cap. It still seems stiff as heck but I’ll know a bit better once I can get it in the fork again.

Currently I’m between bikes.

On that note, do any of Shimano 12s users know if there’s a physical difference between the XT and SLX direct Mount chainrings in terms of the actual teeth/outer ring? I’m deciding between a 4x104 or 8x100 Sigeyi for the new bike. It occurs to me looking at the rings that there’s a decent chance the chainrings are the same and just have different spiders. If that’s the case I could go 8x100 again which a)look better, and be would be cheaper in the long run if I use SLX replacement rings instead of XT.

I do like the look of the Garbaruk 4x104 ring though and that might save me a few grams in not needing a chain guide.

I have an XT ring on SLX arms, the lightest combo without going to XTR which is different (kind of). Supposedly the lock ring for XTR is different than XT/SLX, but the ring should fit XT or SLX.

Specific to your question:

The only difference between XT and SLX rings is the surface treatment for wear properties.


Interesting, thanks!

Sounds like maybe a false economy to use SLX rings if they’ll wear faster? I’ve just committed to using an XTR chain for improved wear, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a difference.

I know a lot of people who love their KMs, really that’s what inspired my search when a friend grabbed one. I think I’ve found one semi-local that has a build that I could work with, however, I also found an Epic Evo that caught my eye while searching for it.

So the question gets tougher, upgrade the main bike, get a backup bike, or just screw financial responsibility and go for both?

Another option is the Jamis Dragon (though not rigid). This category used to be much larger and now it is non existent.

XC Flight Attendant! I’m very excited to see this come to market.

I imagine it’s several years from trickling to affordable bikes, but it’s a very cool but of kit.


Surly Lowside? I know it’s 27.5” and comes with bmx bars, but it is 1-1/8 threadless and has boost axles. I think if you did convert it to 29”, max tire size would be 2.1”.

The Trek 1120 has sliding dropouts.

The Lynskey Pro 29 frame can be built with sliding dropouts, but that’s getting into expensive land.

I think all of Otso’s frames have sliding dropouts. They make some stainless stuff around $1500

Check these out, dang pretty in person.


What’s a weel?


Losing the “h” saves 100g