2023 Specialized Allez

Gc review

Out of interest 10.3kgs (so 9.9kgs without pedals maybe) :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :flushed:

Yep quite a few extra grams…

I for one love to see disc brakes on a bike like this.

Let’s be honest, even if it added 5 lbs to the bike, for most folks this is going to make fudge all difference in average speeds. Most of us on this forum could probably lose that in body weight let alone the folks just getting into the sport.

The benefits of disc though I think are immense. The rim brake bikes all topped out at 25mm or maybe 28mm tires. This is fine for pure road riding on the smoothest of surfaces. However, these disc brake bikes usually fit 35mm tires and are also typically shipped with tubeless compatible wheels.

This is HUGE, because it means this bike is actually a decent option for someone who wants to ride on multi-use paths that are often either very bumpy asphalt or crushed limestone.

For me, disc brakes vs rim brakes really isn’t about the weight or braking performance. It’s more about the fact that disc brakes open you up to much nicer tire and wheel options. Which in turn allows the bike to be used on a variety of surfaces and makes the entire package significantly more useful.


“need” and “want” are not the same thing…again, the market decided a long time ago that rim brakes were dead.

Some good discussion about the bike and market:

Yeah maybe, I’m not disagreeing and TBH I don’t understand the nostalgia for ‘good’ alu frames. But, looking at a 2020 price list a CAAD13 105 Disc retailed for $3,199 vs $2500 for the (Tiagra) Allez tested (AUD prices).

So this bike is 10.3 as above. Using 10% grade for a steep climb and the rest at default (150 watts, 70kg rider…) 10.3kg bike is 6.16km/hr and a 5kg bike is 6.58km/hr. At 3% grade, 16.01km/hr vs 16.75km/hr So much slower… And that is for a 5.4kg difference in weight and I’m sure disc brakes aren’t half the bike weight. I mean this makes it seem like its under 100g from rim to disc for 105:

At 0.5kg weight decrease going to rim from 10.3 kg (so more realistic) at 10% grade the speed is 6.20km/hr (0.04km/hr faster) and at 3% the speed is 16.08km/hr (0.07km/hr faster)

about how weight so so important? As you can see from the math above, is 0.05km/hr speed loss while climbing sucking the fun out of biking? Actual knowledge of the real impact of the weight difference is useful if you’re going to claim weight is so very important.

This isn’t even bothering to factor in the advantages @Benjamin_Reynolds makes

At this point, the manufacturers are not going to build and push rim brake versions distributors don’t want, the distis won’t buy and stock rim brake versions retailers don’t want, and the retailers won’t buy and stock rim brake versions customers don’t want. 100g, 500g or 1500g weight difference won’t change a thing. It won’t sell. Disc brakes are dial tone now.