2023 Epic Evo for beginner XC racer?

Good morning, I’ve had my eye on the Epic Evo line for a while now. I’ve been racing gravel for 2 - 2.5 years now and I’m looking to dip my toe into the XC world. Seems like gravel and XC have a lot of similarities with the key difference being the technical ability you need for XC (I know some gravel races are really techy now too, but generally speaking).

I’ve got a GX derailleur and crank from a prior trail build sitting in the garage I can throw on it right away.

I’ve located the 2023 at the discounted $2400 sale price in my size, it’s about an hour to go get it but for the price I’m not seeing many bikes out there that will come nearly as race ready as this one.

Thoughts? I think I’m going to try and go snag it this afternoon.

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Yes. Get it now. It’s a great bike and you can not beat the price!

Great ride as is, but lighter wheels and drivetrain turn it into a race weapon. Add on flight attendant when it comes out and you essentially will have an epic 8 for less than half the price.


Yep for the price it’s unbeatable.

As stated above, I’d take the money you’re saving and buy some bad a$$ wheels and you’ll be set.

that’s an excellent choice! go for it!

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Do it.

You’ll probably be able to sell it in a year (or right away) for the same price if you don’t use it. The bare frame even.

I just bought one with plans to race XC later this year. So far it’s been great at my local trails.


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First you inspired me to put a gold chain and cassette bling on my Checkpoint, now I’m lusting after an Epic Evo! Nowhere to ride it! Two more years!

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NICE! I made a very very very very similar decision last year. I named my “Squash” because of that color and it’s my FS bike. You can’t use that name.