2022 Ruta del Sol, disussion

Ever since I saw the job that kid did to help Quinn win I’ve been following his career. Sets a record on the track. Solid results at rally. Pleasantly surprised to see him step up big with a contract last year.

But, big, big win way ahead of schedule this year. Some bright spots for US cycling at present.

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Pardon my ignorance, but a couple questions.

  • Is that a spoiler in the title? Might be good to avoid that if so.
  • Does this belong in the Racing category?
  • Any chance you can share a link to the related source info?

Hopefully he has better PR skills than Quinn…

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I watched it live so I know what he means but SPOILER Ruta del Sol: Magnus Sheffield wins stage 3 | Cyclingnews

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Much appreciated. :smiley:

I made some edits above with that in mind.

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total spoiler. I can’t watch the replay until i get home from work. thanks bud

  • in the time it took me to type this the first time the title got changed I guess. i retract my snark*

Still a spoiler….anyone watching is gonna know a US rider wins……


Copy that, round 2 edited above.

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Are there people who were waiting to watch Ruta del Sol?


Is there no bike race too obscure? Three quarters of the forum are probably googling it for the first time ever right now.


I should add that not only did Magnus Sheffield win, but he totally Postlbergered it. It was awesome. Zipped up the jersey like a pro.


Watched Algarve this AM, but missed the Ruta coverage and had not gotten back to it yet.

Sure, it is a minor race, and it is not a huge deal, but the same courtesy should still apply, IMO.

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Well, I’m just gonna say it…MAGNUS WINS MAGNUS WINS MAGNUS WINS!!

Hopefully it won’t be, like, another half decade before an American wins a world tour event…but it could be. So I’m gonna celebrate now.

This is kinda funny … there are people who didn’t watch a minor cycling race and were “saving” it for later, and wanted to be surprised at the outcome.

8 hours later …

So part of their itinerary/media-black-out in “saving” it for later is checking a cycling message board? And now they are some how bent out of shape that it’s been spoiled for them?


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I don’t care who watches or doesn’t. Common courtesy related to posting results (not placed in titles) would seem appropriate regardless. :man_shrugging:


Sorry we don’t all adhere to the same behavior and viewing practices you do. We’ll try and do better…thank you for showing us the way.


ETA - and no one was bent out of shape. Some simply asked that we adhere to the same spoiler policy that we have had in place for a long time. It is about being inclusive, rather than exclusive. IOW, common courtesy.


@Power13 I see what you are saying and it is noted. I am possibly a serial violator of this rule & I promise to do better. But if I only do it when an American wins it should really only happen once in a great while. So there is that.


I watch them even when I know the result already :rofl: the early season races are my favorite. Algarve and Provence always deliver the goods