2021 XC Bike Thread

What kind of riding are you planning to do?

If you want to ride single track, you’ll need a MTB. Riding single track on a gravel bike is just painful - despite the promotional videos you see of people doing it.

If you want to be able to ride gravel, including some gnarlier forest roads in the mountains, you’ll want a gravel bike that can fit 40mm+ tires.


My current gravel setup is a Topstone 105 with 40s which has done relatively well on pretty much any gravel here. We get some pretty thick stuff and it holds well. It’s obviously heavier compared to a carbon upgrade for riding in somewhere with more elevation gain.

As for what I plan, probably gravel/dirt/fire roads, some single track, really just nothing SUPER technical.

Your current gravel bike seems pretty good. So does not seem to be a “need” to upgrade.

If you want to expand into riding singletrack, it is worth getting a MTB. HT will be cheaper, but if you have the $, I think worth getting full sus - a lot more comfortable and forgiving. Also, there’s a ton of great MTB trails in Colorado to ride.


I looked closer at everything and it made very minimal contact in an area about the size of a pin head. Easy fix was to just remove the handle from the Kickr. Three small bolts and no clearance issues anymore.

Ready for 2021. Only thing I changed is dismissing the dropper post. image


I’ll never ride an MTB without a dropper again. If push came to shove, I would probably trade suspension for dropper.



Single speed rigid with a dropper is a fast af setup

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I’m building a rigid drop bar MTB (or whatever: closer to old school XC geo but longer) right now. Dropper is a must for sure!! Not single speed though, I want to use this on steep stuff.

Wanted to circle back on this. The quote above is from me 20 days ago. But today I got an email from the same SC dealer (local LBS owner):

Hey Colin, I just received confirmation that there will be a new Blur this late Spring/early Summer. I know nothing about it except that it's new and has 2 wheels, one in the front and one in the back. I don't know what size those wheels are but I'm hopeful that they are at least round. They said we'll get more specific info in late March.


Huge if true!


That the wheels are round? Or that there’s two?!?


Considering that everyone at my work calls our utility tricycles “bikes”, that is a genuine question.

That’s an entertaining response, I would buy a bike from this person.


It’s a good shop for sure, low key and fun. Always happy to give them some pub, especially in times like these.


Oh man I didn’t even know how heavy they actually were.

New rear wheel only with lighter cassette and tire installed is 750g lighter than stock. Good lord that rear wheel is a tank.

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Just gonna put this one here: First Look: 2021 Trek E-Caliber - A Motorized XC Machine - Pinkbike


On the one hand, this is so strange.

On the other hand, I kinda want to race a a bunch of other people with motorized XC rigs just to see what could be possible course wise.

Van Der Poel on one of these basically has a 700w FTP

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I think it’s going to sell like crazy in Europe. Also, I couldn’t help myself and read the Pinkbike comments. My god.

Imagine the distances you could cover!

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