2021 XC Bike Thread

Awesome, good to hear. I figured it wouldnt be a problem but always nice to have it confirmed by someone. Thanks!

Let me know if you think you can forward any feedback from him this way. :+1:

(re Ibis Exie comment) I will and he’s going to let me take it for a week or so sometime soon. Although I think he’s currently sleeping with it so will see when I can pry it away from him.


I would be surprised if the frame was US made. While not the same bike, I’ve owned two S-Works Tarmacs, both made in Taiwan.

Edit: cool if they are US made though.

Think they’re just referencing the Exie being made in the US, and mentioning the SWORKS as a reference point I think.


SW Epic comes with a fork for 6k

In case anyone is wondering all new specialized epic/evo colorways are available on the AU site

Looks like the Epic Pro comes with SL wheels and a dropper


I know this isn’t strictly XC bike relates, but wasn’t sure whether it warranted its own thread.

Can anyone recommend what dropper post they use?

I’ve got a fox transfer which is starting to play up. Looking up information online it looks like it’s potentially excessively expenses to service and likely to happen again. I’ll get it assessed this week coming, but am starting to look at what the worst case cost would be with a decent replacement.

Considering the OneUp, BikeYoke Devine and Revive, and am open to others that come in 31.6/~150mm

Last I knew they charge $90 for a rebuild. Service intervals have been long for me. What’s the Transfer doing/not doing?

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Reverb AXS

Once you tried it there is no going back - even if it is silly money.


It’s not stopping about 1cm from the top on it’s way up, and is a bit slow.

The bike is only 10months old. (Is that $90usd?) It was just concerning googling the fox transfer and finding most the information saying similar things :grimacing:.

I’d love to (if I could afford it), but it wouldn’t play nicely with my twinloc setup.

The other one is the PNW Loam, which looks nice and has a lifetime warranty, but I don’t know exactly what their warranty covers yet.

I can see that getting crowded. I ended up moving to a TwistLoc for my lockout as in reality I rarely lockout my supercaliber. It has made my cockpit super clean. But that is probably not an option for the twin loc.

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The post was OE on the bike and the same age? If so try a warranty claim. Fox Transfer is known for being durable also be sure you’re not over tightening the seat post collar. 5 Nm max. L
$90 USD was last I knew.

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I love the post but it’s what, almost 2X heavier than any other post, so for XC I’m not sure I get the draw? No cable installation is super cool though

I have Loam, OneUp and Bontrager Line Elite, and the Loam is my favorite. Paired with the Loam Lever, it returns incredibly fast and hasn’t needed any topping off of air (OneUp is a bit slow to return and I need to top it off more). I don’t think you can really go wrong with either but as long as fitment isn’t an issue in the future I think the Loam will be my go-to for all bikes (Loam is a bit longer for the travel, so I can get about 1cm more drop with a OneUp than I can with a Loam).

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I really like the adjustable air pressure of the Loan. That seems fantastic. I’ve got a 150mm and while I don’t need more at all, the Loam comes in 170m and is about the same weight as far I can tell. With a snappy return that might be quite an advantage.

Yeah my Loam is on my XC bike and it’s 170mm. Might as well get as long as you can fit IMO.

I’ve used a bunch of different droppers from Fox to Shimano. Hands down my favorite performer is Bike Yoke’s Revive. It is user serviceable & has reset if you encounter issues with it not returning to full height. Simply drop the post, insert a 4mm allen into the Revive valve, twist & engage the dropper lever. Any air that was trapped will bleed out & you’re good to go. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Just got a Transfer SL, man that thing is light. Can’t wait to put some miles on it.

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