2021 XC Bike Thread

More info here (need to use Google Translate):

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Interesting. Team only spec. You’d think it’d be a part of their marketing / difference maker if they do make the push onto top end OEM bikes.

Also, I didn’t realise until reading that, 50% of the XCO winners were on Scott (2 2022, 1 2021 by the looks).

Does it say “First Ride” in blue on Martin’s front Schwalbe?

For someone who has been out of mountainbikes for a while…

Can anyone translate the difference in spec between the CF6 and CF7. What would I notice and what’s just “nicer”


Just by looking at the spec the difference between those bikes are mostly just “nicer” and “lighter”. The performance elite fork on the 7 has slightly more adjustability than the performance but both should be excellent forks.

The 6 looks like a great bike just with heavier wheels, a step down in drive train (slx vs xt are functionally the same but slx is heavier), etc.

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I’d agree with myglow, it’s mostly about niceness.
The CF7 is a step up in performance and lightness at almost every single component.

Both would be awesome bikes, but I think the CF7 represents the best value in $/spec.

XT and SLX components are very similar, and SLX might do the job just fine for you. However XT is lighter and uses slightly more expensive material’s.

The performance elite is a really good fork that is spec’d on a lot of upper end bikes.

The biggest difference to me is the carbon wheels vs the alloy of the CF6. Whether you’d appreciate the difference is up to you, I would love to have been able to get carbon rims.

These parts would cost a lot of money to upgrade to.

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Has anyone used a tubeless repair kit? Particularly the Stan’s Dart vs a traditional Bacon Strip one.

Is the Stan’s a better/more effective tool? I like the idea that you can have two plugs loaded ready to go, and it looks light.

ETA: sorry, thread exists.


I might be a minority but a lack of multiple up shift has become a deal breaker for me. Hence while I’ll spend XT/XTR in this case. I don’t think it bothers most people tho.


To be honest I haven’t ridden SLX for a while, bit I agree it’s an absolute boon and a feature I assumed carried down to SLX.

On the plus side, the XT shifter works with SLX (and Deore 6100). Easy and pretty darn cheap upgrade.


Awesome, thanks. I’m convinced… now they just need to hurry up and take my money before I change my mind

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Awesome :+1:. Please report back to this thread with it’s level of awesomeness for us to bask in.

It’d be great to know how fast a pedaller it is without the lockout. I reckon it’ll feel like a rocket ship with that super light weight.

Having some issues with my SLX der that I’ve not experienced with XT/R in fairness but yes, SLX is pretty close.

So who’s ordered their Ibis Exie yet? It’s between that and the new Blur for me. Anyone see any real world comparisons? I imagine just finding anyone who’s even ridden and Exie would be hard to find.

Funny, it’s one of my peeves. I wish XTR didn’t have it :rofl:

Just looked and it’s 8,000 dollars for an XT build! Shocked

I guess sworks epic frames are 6K now a days and you pay for made in america. But man I might need a raise haha


In all seriousness it’s not in my budget in any way unless I was willing to sell my Ripley and then add in some cash. For the amount of time I actually strap on a number plate my common sense is that it’s best to enjoy my 120mm bike for as long as I can. Still, I’d love to try one. I really don’t need an XC bike even for the racing that I do but it’s fun to think about a 22 lb race bike from time to time and this one is high on the list. Admittedly Ibis fan boy here

Anyone here have any real world experience in fitting a larger than 2.2 (Trek’s recommended max) tire in the Supercaliber?

A riding buddy here just got his a couple weeks ago. There was a batch of 40 and he nabbed one.

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I’m running 2.35 Schwalbe Racing Ray/Racing Ralph combo at the moment with no issues at all. Mounted on Enve M525s.