2021 US Bike Imports

Numnbers released yesterday…some interesting stuff. See chart below:

While still dwarfed by China and Taiwan, Cambodia and Indonesia both grew at incredible rates last year. I’m fairly certain these would all be mass merchant bikes, but the growth is significant and could be a harbinger of things to come. Alternatively, it was much needed relief from the delays in China.

Growth in Dollars (+40%) was higher than growth in units (only 13%). This means people are moving up the price continuum, bringing in additional revenue and (hopefully) profit. Number of bikes imported was slightly above 19M. That means the average import value was ~$100.

Unfortunately, this report sees all bikes as the same and does not break it down by channel of distribution. Would really like to see that next layer of analysis, but the dollar growth indicates that the IBD channel enjoyed better growth than Mass, but the industry is still massively dominated by Mass as the average value above indicates.