2021 UCI XC World Cup and World Championships (Spoilers) - including Marathon World Championships

I’ve been following Nino’s preseason and it looks to me like he’s back in pretty good form. I have to agree that I think he’s definitely on the back nine, as you say. Part of that is that there is a crop of young guys who have a huge amount of horsepower, and part of that may be a loss of top end. I think/hope he’ll get another World Cup.

I haven’t seen Podcock race XC except for in highlights, but based on his CX racing and E-Bike XC wins i thought he had enough technical nous to be competitive. Remember when MVdP first started the World Cups and had to start from the back of the field. By memory it took him three or four races to get a high enough call up for the front row and to feature on the podium. He only has to get into the top 40 to get into the XCC for Nove Mesto.

Anton Cooper has been doing some great training down here over summer. It’ll be interesting to see how that translates early on. I was speaking to a rider that rode the elite national road race that thought Cooper had great legs and was unlucky to miss the break.

Does anyone know a podcast or Youtube channel in which XC races and training are discussed? There seems to be a glaring vacuum in content creation.


GMBN’s Mountain Bike Podcast covers it a little. but not in any real depth.

Maybe an opportunity for another TR podcast… because @Jonathan isn’t busy enough already… :slight_smile: :grinning:

Could be:


And then rotate in some guests like @SonyaLooney, @Keegels, Todd Wells, Alex Grant, etc.

Would be AMAZING!


Yeah I think Red Bull is showing all the World Cup races. But in the US NBC Sports has rights to the UCI world champs for all disciplines so you have to jump over there to watch the World Championship races.

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Short track was today. It’s a reminder that the Red Bull TV/World Cup partnership is great for someone starting to follow the sport. They have live coverage with the full replay available within a few hours. Free of charge and they don’t even ask for your email. I can watch on a web browser, Roku, FireTV or phone. They make it so easy to get into the sport compared to following road cycling.


Great XCC racing! A real range in form I thought, the guys that looked strong looked exceptionally strong. Let’s see how that translates across to the XCO on Sunday.

I was a bit disappointed with that women’s race though. Just after we talked up the excitement and competitiveness of the women’s field. I wonder if there’s a few of the riders that haven’t found their race legs yet :man_shrugging:. Hard to make much of it though. I guess PFP looks to be the one to beat again.

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I’d say that the womens race was pretty good. It came down to one move and it was clear after the race that KC made a tactical mistake rather than a fitness one.

It wasn’t just all the usual suspects up top and Indergand would have made it if she had waited another half a lap.

There was also apparently a nasty headwind which forced things to be more tactical and controlled than it would have been otherwise.

The women were smart to let Indergand go on a flyer. She is less of a threat to the XCO and the overall.


It seemed like there was the group of front row riders who were riding very tactically knowing that they could close the 13-15 second gap to Indgerand on a last lap attack, but no one wanted to be the one doing the work closing the gap and bridging the group that could challenge in the sprint finish. PvP looks the strongest again but the front two rows look to be all the best riders securing their spots for Sunday.

Yeah, Neff didn’t look great, will see in the XCO. PFP and KC looked good. Nino and MVdP looked good. A bit surprised at avancini.


Van der Poels strava power file… it looked quite easy but there awas so many 1200w jumps and “recoveries” above 400w :slight_smile:



I think Avancini seemed to have form bubbling away. It’s hard to say, I thought he came into preseason pretty hot, possibly riding the high of his World Cup win last year. I was curious if he’d be able to hold his form through the season.

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“Eh, I’ll warm up on lap 2”


Wow, great racing! Surprised Nino lost it after being so close to getting the record. Amazing these new riders winning their first WC on both the men’s and women’s races.

Not surprised MVDP blew up, I was expecting that with his limited MTB training. Not expecting him to win any XCO this year, but he’s just so dangerous with his power.


Haley Batten, wow! She had been showing great potential for a long time, but to go 3rd in your first elite race is next level. Can we talk about how fast Lecomte was descending? Great climber, with great technical skills, she’s going to be tough to beat.


We can also talk about how fast she was in general! Wow! Reminds me of when KC appeared. I wonder what’s happening on that end, to be so dominant and then fall off a bit. These new kids, all amazing. I hope they hold on for the season.

Haley Batten, wow! I hope to see her on the trails, would be amazing.

PFP, still good, but if only could match Lecomte at the start might have been able to hold it closer, or maybe not. We will see.

Feeling bad for Neff, has been a fav of mine. Only going to mention Batty because I think her husband is a bad coach for her. I hope she looks elsewhere soon, but really too late for her career.

MVdP, think he tries to dominate too much on power and will see this happen a lot. His scheduling is not helping neither, seems a bit pompous on that end. Avancini man, not sure what to make of that guy. Seems to really go off hot at the start all the time. Falling off all the time. Cmon man! Work it out already! Joe many seasons already?

Bummed for Nino, but think it’ll happen soon.

The overall men’s field all that walking at the start, that was insane.


MVDP actually didn’t blow up, neither was the temperature a real problem. He was actually feeling pretty strong, but had issues with his back on the climbs. Had to sit back down more than he wanted because of that. It’s something he has more often when he starts on the mountain bike again.


Agree, I really like Neff. Sad about Batty, she was doing so well in 2018 and I thought 2019 was gonna be her year. Looks like she fell into the Keto craze in the 2018/2019 off season and hasn’t been the same since.


So great to be able to watch all the races this weekend. Redbull TV continues to deliver amazing content… for free!

Lecomte was outstanding. She looks so tiny on the bike, I wonder what she weighs compared to others in the top 5. Seemed the big climbs really played to her strength but props to her also nailing all the downhill sections.

Really impressed by Nino all weekend. He was right there in the mix. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t quite get the separation he needed at the end. He tried with a big dig on the climb and then gassing it down that descent.

MVdP will be a threat in the weeks to come. Pidcock looked pretty good too considering he came from so far back.

Looking forward to next weekend again!


Still rooting for Nino. Great racing all weekend. The sentiment that there’s only a handful of guys who can win the XCO should have been proven wrong Sunday. Piddock is coming, holy cow.