2021 Specialized S-Works Aethos


I do a couple of days a week in the gym and have (by cyclist standards) more than usual upper body muscle. I suspect I’d be a better rider if I lost the extra 3-4kg of muscle, but I like the aesthetic and think some upper body strength training is good for general health.

That said, losing 3.5kg would put me at 4w/kg. Hmm… :rofl:

I would wager that hydraulic rim brakes would give added comfort you are seeking…still more powerful than rim brakes and easy leverage with great modulation.

I’m not arguing against disc brakes,I ride and I’m not going back to rim brakes…and I am in pancake flat Chicago.

My point was really just that the market trend for disc brakes was driven by consumers and not the industry. Consumers rejected viable alternatives that would have given them all the benefits if discs w/o the hassle of new wheels and frame standards.

And I hear ya on the PE…had one 11 years ago next week and I am on thinners to this day.

Are you thinking of hydraulic calipers? Curious, not arguing :+1:

I’m in nearby Ohio and just about as flat. No major climbs here. For sure bike companies dictate, I also jumped on the bandwagon to sell before my rim brake stuff would be bottom of the barrel price. Haha

I love this thread. It’s was about just another random new bling bike. But by now we covered anything from the income of dentists, over bike-review Illuminati, to the never-ending disc-brake debate. :grin: :+1:t2:


Add in the fact that fact that Aethos riders are less likely to wave to other riders and we are really getting somewhere (really nowhere special :wink: ).


Yes…SRAM had some when they first introduced their disc brakes as an option. Same light hydraulic feel, great power but without the hassle of getting a whole new bike.

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If I could afford it, the Aethos would be my number one for multiple reasons: 1. It’s light 2. It’s Simple 3. It’s BEAUTIFUL! This may be the most un-allrounder out there, but I think it’s awesome anyway :slight_smile:

I think I’ve only ever seen them once.

Wonder why they never caught on?

As discussed on the trainer road podcast, losing weight is an often overlooked way of going up in W/kg.
Back to the Aethos: I held my frame in my hands. It is not too fancy looking (bare carbon after all), but it is ludicrously light. I am really looking forward to the finished build next week, although it is not going to be as light, as the weenies would like it to be (sub 6.4kg target weight, with pedals, cages, and Wahoo mount).

Perception that the discs were the secret sauce to braking better and not the hydraulics.

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Carbon is already used in disc brakes so mark my words, someday someone will come up with a way to use the whole rim as the disc saving weight and gaining aero at the same time.


I’m waiting for the wind tunnel test to show that it only loses something like ~5 watts over the tarmac with the same wheels and cockpit.


Will likely never be tested with them, since it is not part of the standard build. I will build it up with an aero handle bar (maybe not quite as aero as the Aerofly 2) and the rapide CLX but very unlikely I’d ever test the bike.
But yes, most of the savings are in the wheels and cockpit, the head tube and down tube (especially when a bottle is installed). Everything behind the rider (seat tube, seat stays, seat post) likely has hardly any or no measurable impact.

They should of made this bike 1x to really add to conversely of a light bike build. I need more things to be angry


Aethos + Ekar with a 9 tooth sprocket? :rofl:

But if anyone is keen to experiment, I’m very happy to test it for you :innocent:

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Nah man. It’s a road bike made for climbing and sprinting (at least these are the two things where light bikes feel best). Long climbs are not fun when the gear jumps are too big (which they are in a 1x gravel gearing). Sprints aren’t fun either with large jumps.
1x makes sense for flat time trials or off road terrain.

Agreed. I love the idea of 1x, but after testing a 3T strada earlier this year, the setup isn’t 100% for the roads around me (rolling, no climbs over 3-4k, but plenty of 0.5-1.5k steep risers).

Yeah I think 3T and the Aqua blue team killed 1x for good for the road.
Although I see the benefit for a lot of us normalos. If I had a sizable distance to commute, I’d probably built a commuter with 1x.

(yay. yet another topic in this thread :grin: )

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I’d go 1x if I had an Aethos :smiling_imp: