2020 XC Bike Thread

If you want some PM me. I’ll send them to you free of charge. DIdn’t do it for me - but I selected the carbon ones. Anyway they are free if you want them.

The Dangerholm one was a hack where there is a one -> two cable splitter inside the down tube (It’s on his insta somewhere). It all for looks because you have to lock then unlock the rear shock to drop your post which is definitely not worth it in my opinion.

The twinloc that comes with the Scott is a three-position lockout (open, firm, lockout) the Bontrager remote is just a two position.

Orbea also makes a three-position but is very similar to the twinloc system.

I just got a 2020 Spark for a good deal, I am riding it this weekend for the first time and I will give an update.


Fantastic thanks!

This may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but how does do you open/lock the fork &shocks with just the one paddle?

Both the front fork and rear shock wire runs into the same lever on the Drop Lock. You press the lever and it locks and unlocks both the front fork and rear shock at the same time. The other lever controls the dropper post.

I tried the Grip Twist Lock first and couldn’t stand it. It was extremely uncomfortable.

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Interesting you say that, some reviews of the rockshox twist remote say the opposite. I’ve never had anything grip shift etc, they used to be touted as being incredibly unreliable with shifters. However I like the fact that it’s one less lever on the bars.
For my next bike I’m trying to decide if I want a lockout or not. My current bike (Scott Spark 935), requires one and I like the three modes, I don’t like the birds nest at the front though. I hoping that if I go with either the Norco Revolver FS120 or Spec Epic EVO I won’t require one… Very hard to demo either of these in Adelaide AUS atm. Zero stock and COVID making things hard. Specalized are already taking orders for 2022 bikes.

is it a bulky at it seems in photos?

No, the Bontrager Drop Lock is not bulky. It works great.

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I’m used to ESI grips, which are soft. The Rock Shox Twist Loc is hard and rubbed my hand raw. I used it for 3 days of riding and then replaced it.