2020 Tulsa Tough

So I just signed up for my first ever Crit Race. Anybody doing Tulsa Tough this year?

Obviously I am in Cat 5 and while i have been cycling for some time, this will be a first time experience. Any advice for a beginner crit racer?

Thanks in advance!


After Sunday at Cry Baby Hill, you may never touch your bike again.
Have fun


No messing around for you Tulsa Tough is one of the premier events in the country IMO. I am not sure where you are located but I know there are local club crits in Oklahoma I would seek those out and do as many as you can before Tulsa Tough.


Agreed, not sure a very competitive and nationally targeted crit that has a reputation of being both physically and technically challenging is a great first race. I would definitely do at least 3 local, smaller races to get your wits about you and gain some basic race experience before heading to Tulsa. No matter where you are in the country the season should have been going for a couple of months at that point.

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I completely agree with all of you. I am planning on doing and participating on every crit that i can find prior to this. I live in Wichita, KS and we do have some practice crits and a good group of guys that travel often for crit racing. I am going to reach out to them.


Nice! The energy and environment there is absolutely incredible. Raced in the Red Bull Last Stand last year and would love to go back to do some of the geared crits - especially Cry Baby Hill.

Be confident in yourself and get as much group riding/crit experience in as possible beforehand. Don’t let the caliber of the event intimidate you – it’ll bring such a high psyche; embrace it!

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Well it is officially cancelled. Now I have no events until Late July (hopefully).

I now have the option to move my registration to next year. Tulsa Tough 2021… lets see what happens!