2020 Tour de France Discussion

Who was talking about Landa, Quintana and Bardet as pre-race favourites?! Their failure to challenge for yellow is pretty much par for the course. Most people I know had this as a straight 2 horse race between Roglic and Bernal.

I actually think it’s been pretty competitive by Tour standards. Right up until today there were lots of guys still in the mix for a podium spot, or maybe even yellow if Roglic was a little off. Probably just about done and dusted now, but still close enough that the TT could conceivably change things. Plenty of previous years where the 3rd week of racing is much less exciting.


Dude, there are still seats in the “potato man” section of the bleachers! Go Skujiņš go!

(Working on a few Latvian phrases to be ready to talk smack with that guy :partying_face:)


This always happens…every year. The big pre-race story lines always break down due to crashes, rider implosion, etc.

This year followed the script in that there is no script.


The script this year is so much better than watching reruns of Team Sky controlling all the mountain stages. It’s more like a smorgasbord of potato dishes this year :rofl:


The young talent in Pogacar, Hirschi, Kuss, Powless, etc make this a great tour to me.


The first stage also threw a massive spanner in the works.
So many falls are bound to cause troubles down the line.

Won the giro, won the vuelta, 4 podiums.
Considering he raced against team Sky, I wouldn’t say flamed out.
Still a defining rider of that era, imo.
However, I think he stayed at Movistar too long.


Quintana may not have been the world dominating sensation, but he has won 2 grand tours, which still puts him at one of the best GT riders ever. He came second twice at the Tour and third once, so superb.

In theory he should be at his peak GT years, but last 2 years at Movistar doesn’t seem to have done him any favours. He seemed to be thriving at Arkea, but not really in contention compared to the Jumbo Visma strength.

Nibali is 5 years older, and has 2 more GT wins (but does include a TDF, when Froome crashed out), and he’s considered one of the best GT riders of all time, so still some time for Quintana to do his thing.
With the young new talent, with seemingly more watts per kilo and better at time trialing, and sprinting, he will find it very difficult I think.

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unless we have much more mountain stages at altitude, basically.
And I think Nairo struggles when every day is hard. He’s much more swingy in form than the diesel-types.

This may prove to be the case for Bernal too, he won the Tour with 1 single massive attack, and Nairo has always done well with going all in attack on long mountains.

If the GTs were following an old fashioned format with 7-8 flat sprint stages, transition stages, with 2-3 days sessions in the mountains with a couple of TTs, then the riders contending for the win may be very different.

Roglic would have a bigger lead in such a race though I think…

one thing i can say: I feel for the organisers.
If there’s not enough mountains, people complain, because the diesels win.
If there is too much mountain, there is no attack, because it’s easier to play defense… and the diesels win.
They might have gone a bit overboard on this one. I think Bernal, Quintana and Pinot cracking really didn’t help for the fireworks. But I also think it would have been a much different tour in July, with teams arriving with disparate forms, etc.

Too early to worry about Bernal IMO

This was a weird year and he is very young.

It looks like Sky missed their prep across the board.

It was also a tremendous amount of pressure to both defend the title and be the only sky rider in with a chance.

Stack that against a JV team that clearly found the magic and have ridden brilliantly as a team and here we are.

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I think we build up too much anticipation around 22, 23 year old riders. They are kids. They have a lot of years ahead of them and and intense amount of competition.

Roglic absolutely deserves this win. Pogacar has ridden extremely well with limited support. The next 6-7 riders in GC have had some inspired moments too. Even if they were never going to take yellow.

Add in the green jersey battle and the scintillating, edge of seat spotted jersey escapades and this is a darn good tour!!!

Worlds should be great fun too. Let’s hope things stay stable with Covid and the riders who entertain us stay healthy


Geraint Thomas won his Tour de France in a similar way to Roglic. Outsurged everyone on Rosiere, Won the Alp d’Huez sprint finish, outsprinted Roglic in stage 17 mountain sprint stage, and a strong final time trial.
Arguably Sky’s strongest lineup too.


Adding long tt puts climbers vs tt guys can make it enjoyable

Next year pog vs Bernal vs rol vs evenpol should be good

Pogacar has done fantastic, especially with the limited mountain support, with Aru & Formolo DNF.
Excellent Tour for UAE though, seems like a long time ago, but Kristoff won the first stage and the yellow jersey.

Kristoff has a chance on the Champs Elysee, he has won there before.


Listen to the Dark Lord…that post is spot-on.

Gravel in the Alpes!

Bad time for a flat tire for Porte. Mas trying to get everybody to step on the gas is such a Movistar punk move. Porte is going to need to set a PR on the final climb.

It’s nice to see that most of the group is ignoring Mas and sitting on his wheel.

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Great ride from Carapaz and Kwiato. Would like to see the latter take the stage.


Is Carapaz giving this one to Kwiato? Kwiato did 90% of the work. He deserves it.

Kudos to Ineos for a great display of hard racing.


Great stage.

It’s great to see Sky/Ineos riders off the leash!

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