2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed

Inevitable but sad to see…

They haven’t been officially postponed yet…that was just a statement by Dick Pound.

But yeah, it does seem inevitable at this point.

(Side note - in the history of the world, I don’t know if there has ever been a person more aptly named than Dick Pound. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Unofficially officially postponed as of this morning:

I think they have already sold the Athletes village to property developers for after the games so there’s going to be an expensive delay…

And now Officially Official…

was about time. The reluctance to postpone was getting a bit ridiculous.

First thought is that this will give Neff enough time to get back into peak form after that nasty injury. That’s one good thing at least!

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Does this mean that athletes that didn’t get selected or teams that didn’t qualify, will have another chance? Hard to say what shape or health any athlete will be in from one year to the next.

Many teams didn’t make there selection yet, because most qualifying events have been cancelled… that was one of the reasons the Olympics really needed to be postponed.
Also many athletes couldn’t train properly, because of the lock downs… so they will undoubtedly be in better shape next year :slight_smile:

Damn. I was planning on winning a gold medal this year in some sport, TBD. I guess that’ll never happen.

Quite a few athletes would end up catching the virus aswell.
I’m sad it got postponed but it had to be done.

So… the question I’ve not seen posted based on the 1 year postponement…

What does this do to Nate and Sophia for the Cape Epic… with the entire year shift to the Olympic Games?

Seems the late March 2021 Epic will be ahead of the now 2021 Oly prep for Sophia, and maybe not the right type of event or riding?


The developers might actually be pretty happy that they don’t have to find the money to buy this year.

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