2020 "Spring" Classics thread

So impressed by WvA and MvdP, so strong, so even but today van der Poel had that little extra that made the difference. Would have been interesting to see what it would have looked like with Julian in the mix unfortunately that didn’t happen. Wout was my favourite so I’m not as happy as I could be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: great race anyway.

Monument tally:

WvA: Milan-San Remo

VDP: Flanders

How to tell who’s more better?! :man_shrugging:t2::thinking:

Wva has won Strade Bianche and rode an Epic Tdf.

So atm Wout (maybe I am a bit biased though, belgian)

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Not a huge Alaphalippe fan (he’d be my third pick out of that group) but sad for him to have crashed out - we all lost out on a great finish, although the one we got was pretty alright

First time I saw the crash I was all $@#%ing motos, but on several rewatches I think it’s on the rider - head down, on the radio. Still sucks to have lost him from that trio

My opinion on WVA vs. MVDP - Wout had the better year, but over their road careers thus far - god its hard to put a whisker between the two of them, fantastic rivalry for the next five years, I can’t wait

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He wasn’t on his mobile phone, he wasn’t talking into his radio, he didn’t have his head down, he wasn’t looking at his computer, he wasn’t wasn’t paying attention…although he was 1-handed for a second…

WvA moves over in normal fashion, VDP reacts late and makes a severe veer, which then reduces JA’s time to see and react to basically nothing = impact. Added, the moto was slowing down when the first two passed and had stopped when it was JA’s turn.

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This is just before the crash, you can see him take a hand off the bars to reach for the radio and put his head down. It’s hard to get a still that shows it as clearly as the actual video - but it was just lack of attention to the road in front of him


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I still don’t understand how he can just crash into a motobike. It was on the far edge of the road behind another moto. There was plenty of road not occupied by motos. Very strange crash.

Wow that was textbook racing by Boels-Dolman. Double dutch victory at Flanders. Plus Keldermann almost getting Pink at the giro. Good day of racing for the Dutch.


All three riders passed the moto very closely…well, two passed…

As stated, vA moved over in a normal fashion (perhaps purposely “late” to disrupt the other two), vdP did a hard and late veer, leaving JA no time to see/react the moto. The moto was still moving forward when the first two passed; it had stopped when it was JA’s turn [edit: watched again – moto never stopped, maintained speed].

Sh*t happens.
Especially in 2020.

If you thought JA’s Flanders crash was self-induced…



I have some sympathy for Alaphilippe - they were on a gentle right hand curve at that point, so if the moto was on the right side of the road, it should have been well ahead of them. When the riders are doing 45+kph and in close formation, they put complete trust in the rider directly in front of them so I think it’s harsh to claim that JA had it coming for not paying attention … my reading is that WvA only realised late on that the moto was going much more slowly than him, so he dodged right, MvdP just reacted in time, and JA was too late to react.


agreed. Looking at this shot VdP just avoided it

Basically, it could have been any rider order, the last one was hitting the deck.
Blaming it on alaf is preposterous here.
Not that I blame anyone here (although the neutral support motorbike could have waited a tad longer so that they’d be out of the curve)
Bad luck happens.

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Van Aert as lead rider has a duty of responsibility to the group.
Alaphillippe has to take responsibility for his own safety.
Apparently the Moto was a medical vehicle being dropped between the lead riders and the chasers.
The riders always try and maximise the benefits of the draft from vehicles and flick out at the last possible moment all the time.
Van Aert left it late (possibly caught out a little as it was slowing)
Alaphillippe wasn’t 100% in control of his bike (lifting left hand to his race radio).
Racing incident for me.

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Yeah, i think it’s more the moto in front of him, the neutral support, who was also dropping between the front and the chasers.
Anyway, as you said, race incident. Could have been done a bit cleaner, but all in all, you can’t eliminate ALL risk.
I understand QS are pissed off, but the howlering about it does more disservice than good. Focus on the real issues, like that sprint in poland or the unmarked road furniture, there’s no need to cry wolf here.

OMG, Just saw it.