2020 Giro d'Italia Discussion

Yes, he certainly is.

Pretty sure Ganna is technically faster than my first car which was a 1981 four cylinder four speed hatchback. It used to get the speed wobbles on the freeway at its highest speed.

Now I could jump on the back of a bloke with an insane FTP and go faster. Cost less in fuel too! A bowl of oats are a lot less expensive than petrol. How we have evolved!


I watched Brandon grow up here in PHX. Same club years ago and know his parents blah blah…Been texting his Dad throughout the Giro…even he is in shock. And yes, Brandon is that awkward in real life as his interviews. Very humble young man. We are all on pins and needles regarding week 3…uncharted territory so-to-speak.


Let him/them know there’s plenty of support for him here in the US!!! He’s been super impressive so far this Giro-no matter what happens he’s ridden like a podium contender. I hope local guy from around me-Joe Dombrowski-gets better/healthy and can help support him if they make it to the high mountains!

Great stage today. Amazing effort by João Almeida to keep pink into the third week. Kelderman really strong, will be interesting to see this battle next week.

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Not sure you could afford the running costs, especially after the Giro he’s had!

Today’s finish… sure to start a new thread on TR called “lets see your Piancavallo” …


Definitely a great stage today…refreshing change from the now-standard “wait for the last 350m to try and nip a few seconds”.

Almeida did the jersey proud today. If the weather gods smile on him, he could still pull this off.

Not certain Kellermann can pull this off…I’d honestly say this is anyone’s race in the top 5. Any of these guys could blow and lose tons of time.

Should be a great week ahead :crossed_fingers:t2:


Pink shades of Voeckler.

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Rest days suck.


I believe the riders disagree, lol


Really proud of João Almeida. Many riders in his position would have lost the pink on sunday but he went deep in pain hanging on by himself while the trio in front was going away. I can see him finishing top 5 or at the podium but with sunweb having two cards to play and now ineos also having a GC contender it will be very hard without excelente teammates to keep the pink. Lets see how it goes. Nevertheless Almeida has already got my RESPECT! :clap:

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Guess he’s not so great at avoiding the virus :sweat_smile:

I bet he will test negative tomorrow, like Matthews.

If that test is accurate, that is obviously discouraging news. While still infinitesimally small, there are increased reports of people getting the virus twice.

Not what we need if we are gonna move past this thing…whatever vaccine gets developed, it may turn out to be a yearly, or even semi-yearly, treatment.

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This finish from João Almeida, attacking in that climb in the end of the stage and gaining a couple of seconds from his rivals, is his way of saying he’s not kidding around.


I still worry that Almeida had to go so deep on Stage 15, that he will pay for it later. No doubt the kid has a great punch though.


He showed no signs of struggling today, on the contrary. He said he was feeling good and that’s why he attacked.

Stage 15 was hard, yes, but it was hard on everyone. He was 4th on the stage, only being dropped in the final 7 km, and I think he paced the effort well, managing to not blow up doing that final climb alone.


Hardest stage of the year today. I think this will decide the Giro.

What gorgeous scenery and ambience: the leaves turning; snow-capped mountains; Alpine (:eyes:) switchbacks.

Even the Vuelta looks nicer in October.

More autumnal racing plz.