2020 / 2021 Olympic (Non Cycling) Chat

Anyone watching the Rowing?

I’ve just switched on in time to watch the Kiwi double sculls cruise their way through a heat.

These Romanian girls must be pushing 5W/kg and are barely breathing :hot_face::rofl:

Yes, watching the rowing. Did you see this British Rowing mini-docu series? The Road to Tokyo - British Rowing Watching that really made me miss my rowing days.

I haven’t watched that, I’ll have to give it a looksie.

I only really get to follow the Rowing at the Olympics due to TimeZone and TV rights all being Sky TV :rage:. A shame because New Zealand have a terrific history. We’ve got quite a few boats threw to the next stage.

Our Men’s Eight is up today. Now that’s an impressive race to watch!! We haven’t had a truly fast Eight for a few decades so it’ll be exciting to see how it goes. Hamish Bond (previously dominant in men’s pair with Eric Murray) is in the Eight so that’s got to help.

I also watch rowing. I am curious who will be another “amateur” cyclist with 420 FTP :wink:
Also the swimming. Austalian women 4x100 relay in swimming was so close to WR I qualifications…

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