2019 Race/Event Results Thread

Second A race of the season was this weekend and thankfully this one wasn’t disrupted by a collapsed lung like the first one. Three event stage race (RR Saturday, TT and crit Sunday) racing the P123 field

Made the decisive break on Saturday and came home in 6th


A little worn down for the TT this morning, but due to the time gaps at the finish held onto 6th in the GC despite only placing 12th in the TT


Crit was just a matter of hanging in there to get the pack finish and maintain my spot - finished 16th in the crit and held on to 6th in the GC



3rd place overall at a local charity Sprint triathlon :tada:


Metric century on Saturday, rolling course in hotter-than-I’m-used-to conditions. Attached to the lead group of 8 and didn’t have a problem hanging in for the first 80K or so. Two guys put in a hard effort up the last big hill of the day which pulled the group apart, I managed to stay on with the second group of 3 and we rode it out finishing “officially” 2/3/4 in 2:44 averaging 23mph at a little over 600m ascent over the course.

Two crits last night: Cat 5 and then 3/4/5 ten minutes later. 100F at race start, strong wind that was mostly a crosser with two small hills on the course. I was in a bad way from the start, not feeling good all day leading into it. Cat 5 race I had no issues staying at the front, but simply let one guy ride off the front because of how I felt and knowing I had a second race to survive. Led the main field down the windy back stretch then gapped them on the two small climbs and rolled in for second.

Literally just survived the 3/4/5 without getting lapped, which was an accomplishment under the circumstances… recovery watts felt hard by the end. Not good… but got the starts in, now halfway to my Cat4 upgrade. Hopefully I can have better results in the 3/4/5 races coming up. Would like to start scoring towards C3.


So first summer cx race of my season last night (Yes summer cx is a thing here - far more civilised than winter cold and mud!:joy:).

Anyway after being in last few every race (never finished last but close!!!) last night was much better and far more competitive which I was really pleased about…for a lap and a half until I punctured!

Bummer! Hopefully got all my bad luck for season over and done with! Lol.


Two more crits in the series last night:

  • Won the Cat 5. While I’ve won my AG and podiumed overall in triathlons and running events as an adult, this was my first time crossing a finish line first since high school, so that was pretty fun! Essentially marked the guy who won last week, covered his attacks and let him work, then put in a strong last-lap long bomb where I was able to build a good 10+ second gap over the two small climbs and roll across alone. When I hit the last turn at the bottom of the final hill, I was amazed that I couldn’t see the field cresting the hill yet… I seriously doubt I could’ve sustained that kind of attack power for as long as I did without the work on TrainerRoad.

  • C3/4/5 race was about the same as last week, though I felt much better. With ten minutes between races, and the pace they drove out at, I couldn’t stay attached. Worked with a few guys off the back and we nailed back a number of riders just kind of dieseling through, so got a good workout in.

Perhaps next time I’ll ease through the C5 race and see what I can do when relatively fresh in the 3/4/5.

This has been an unexpectedly fun and busy “Year Off From Racing.” :laughing:


First ever duathalon today. Fairly short one (2km run, 10mile bike, 2km run) and about 60 competitors. Aim was top 10 and sub 45 mins. I ended up coming 4th in time of 41:28. Really pleased. Top 3 were league of own really (3rd was about 90 secs ahead and winner was 37:19) but pleased with result as never done one before and don’t really run! Plan to do some more so running plan needed - will do TR MV Sprint tri plans and bin the swims…or might use LV cycle plans and the runs from the Sprint tri plans.


Raced my first and now unfortunately only Xterra for this season yesterday. Had a small injury/illness about a month ago that had me off of my feet for 2 weeks, right as I was tapering down for my planned first xterra for the season. Fighting back to fitness the past 5-6 weeks or so has been a tough ride, and of course with the heat coming back, trying to get back in to running form is just that much harder. The last few weeks did not inspire much confidence in me, as the extra running fatigue really seemed to have brought down my swim and biking form, but I am trying to keep the long game in sight and only did a quick 1 week taper for this event, as I’ll have a week off for beach vacation next week and then back at it again to get ready for a very hilly half-iron event. I didn’t really have any workouts the last two weeks that told me I was ready to crush it.

With the DNS for my first Xterra in the beginning of June, and the planned 3rd Xterra canceled, I figured I’d just stay smooth Sunday and don’t do anything stupid. It was supposed to be pretty hot and humid, and this is also a course that usually takes out a rider or two with flat tires since it is so rocky.

Swim: I started nice and wide, and was able to get to clear water after only about 20 seconds. I slowed myself down and was at the first turn buoy before I knew it. The remaining first loop was rather uneventful except for some slightly harder sighting as my goggles were slightly fogged and I was looking in to the sun. Remembering how my race in april went, I just kept chugging along and trying to make sure I didn’t stop any to sight, just sight more frequently if my vision wasn’t super clear. Came out of the first loop at around 9 minutes, so a pretty good time for me if that is actually 600 meters, but it is probably closer to 600 yards. Most swims appear short by GPS, since it can only get signal about half of the time. The Australian exit to begin the second loop really does get your HR racing. My garmin file shows the 2nd lap was about 5-10 beats higher than the first after it shoots up to around threshold pace after getting back on your feet. I did start to quicken up for the approach to land on the second lap, mostly after I tried to draft off of a swimmer from the wave behind me, but he was just too fast to hold on to.

Bike: To start the bike loop, I actually had a fast T1, so while I had about the 25th best swim (and thus about 10-15th in my start wave) I think I passed a good couple of people in transition, and then in the first mile or so there is a decent climb that really thins out the fast swim/slow bike solo/relay teams. After going too hard the year before on this race, I wanted to keep my effort in check for at least the first 5 minutes or so, and just raced really smooth. I can see by my power readings that I have some low hanging fruit to try and improve upon for next year, but I still had one of my highest HR averages for this race. I’m thinking that I hadn’t acclimatized myself for the heat. Last year I was starting my weekend rides a bit later in the day and would do 1 hard ride without a fan about every other week. I think that next year I need to do that again, for the mental aspect of the feeling of pushing yourself when it is really uncomfortable and seeing how my body reacts. For most of this race I was trying to keep within a specific range, for the most part, but would ignore HR for a few segments where you just have to push hard. I think for next year, I need to ignore the pain for one specific segment, and once you break the seal, it seems like going that hard again doesn’t feel quite as hard the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time.

I still ended up with a decent amount of segment PRs for the bike leg, and it was my fastest/best bike split against the field since I’ve been doing this race so even though I had a pretty low NP, I had the 9th best bike split overall. I finally found the right line for this rock garden too, unfortunately on the second lap, there was someone walking right through the middle of it and I lost my momentum and didn’t clean it.

So while only about 6% of time anaerobic, and 11% VO2 max power, HR told a different story and I have been burned in the past ignoring HR so I kept my effort in check. Towards the end of the first lap, someone told me I was in 7th place, so that might have reinforced my mentality to not do anything stupid. When HR gets too high, I start riding too high, and can start making too many mistakes so I opted to stay smooth. The goal to start the day was smooth is fast, don’t do anything to get myself in a crash or flat. I ended up getting passed by 2 people early on during the second lap, so I lost a few spots down to 9th. One of them though was last year’s points leader for the 40-44 age group so I felt like things were still going pretty good.

Run: As I was coming in to T2, I could see the next guy just leaving transition, so I wasn’t too far behind. I had made a somewhat foolish decision to race the run without socks early that day. Normally when I’m running more and doing more trail runs, my feet are a bit tougher, but currently they have very little callouses so I should have taken that as a sign, but I had done a sockless trail run a few weeks before and I made it through about 3 miles before I started to notice a few hot spots and put on my socks. This race isn’t that long in distance since its got some interesting segments that will slow you down.
I quickly noticed that this wasn’t going to be a very fast run, but one good thing from the recent run training is that I had gotten a lot better at pacing myself uphill. Unfortunately the last month or so I had lost some of the speed at which I could go uphill, but at least I had gotten better at keeping my effort level nice and even through the ups and downs. I ended up catching up to the 9th place guy at about the mile and a half aid station, but right before I caught up to him another guy in our age group came flying past us so I knew I had no chance to catch him. I kept my sights on the guy right in front of me, and made an aggressive pass so that I could maybe put a gap on him and try to hold on to that gap, but he stuck with me after the pass. We ended up running pretty close together for the next 2 miles with him getting a bit of distance on me and then I closed in on him as we reached this segment of the “run”:

This is definitely one of the segments that makes this such a great race, first-time racers are usually blown away when they see this rock scramble, but on Sunday I just kept up a steady pace and didn’t try to go too hard by flying up that segment. I had been using a drink then douse tactic with the aid stations, and when you start doing that I had forgotten that your shoes get completely soaked. Wet shoes with no socks… blisters. By the time I had reached the top of the scramble, it is about 3/4 to 1 mile of mostly downhill pavement to the race finish. I did another douse at the next aid station, opting to not drink. I quickly noticed though that I didn’t not have much of a kick at the end of the race. Normally getting my HR above 170 during the last mile of a run isn’t that hard, but it was on Sunday. I think a little bit of is is my trail shoes have bigger lugs in the tread and they are just too slow for the pavement sections. I think I need to get a more hybrid style of trail shoe and keep my roclites for the appalachian trail runs or other ones which are 100% on rugged trail. I have a pair of flats, but they’re from 2011 so I didn’t trust that the cushion was still good. In the end, I ended up finishing about 45 seconds behind the next age group finisher and about 1 minute before the next. The guy who finished behind me was the current regional leader, but had flatted on the first lap of the bike when he was in 2nd place, this course will do that to you.

Overall: I’d say I still did pretty good for the day, it’s hard to compare times year to year, but seeing the splits makes me pretty happy. I got 10th overall and 3rd in my age group (40-44). 9th best bike split overall. The 40-44 age group is currently the most competitive, so it seems that as I get older I’ve got to keep getting faster. I’m the jack of all trades triathlete, not really excelling at any leg, but not really losing much either. Trying to make a Maui run next year is going to be tough, the guy who got 4th is already far better cycling and a bit better swimming so I’m going to need to have a good offseason and a bit of luck next year. This race next year will probably be the one with the most head-to-head battles for who is going to with the region.


Well so much for THAT plan. Going into the final race of this series, I was up 18 - 14 in series points over second place, meaning if I finished second (10,8,6,5,4,3…) I was guaranteed the series win. So I entered the race hoping to go easy, like maybe the guy in second wouldn’t show up…, so I could hit the 3/4/5 harder, but ultimately I wanted to win the series if not the race. Once I saw my “rival” on the line, I decided I’d mark him and just stay on his wheel and finish there regardless - I didn’t need to beat him, just stay with him.

CAT 5 race sitting near the front out of the wind feeling pretty happy, my “rival” was on my wheel. I figured he was probably marking me, but I had no inclination of attacking as I wanted to save legs for the second race. Two laps in, he launched a big attack… no one else could/would cover it, so I nailed him back… two others managed to latch on after the two short risers and we had a four-man break. At some point on the back stretch, one of the others launched an attack into the tail wind. I was on his wheel when he attacked, but I let him dangle knowing he wasn’t getting away up the risers, then I countered him on the second riser, gapped him, and he lost us in the headwind.

Then there were three… knowing at least tied for the series win if I stayed on the podium, I was content… but who wants to tie? So I spent a good portion of the rest of the race on the front. My “rival” and I worked together to make sure we stayed clear… the third guy said he was just along for the ride, but I didn’t believe him. Eventually with three laps to go, I started attacking climbs to try and drop one of the two of them. I got small gaps a couple of times, but wasn’t able to shake them.

I spent most of the final two laps on the front, which I knew was bad and jeopardized my finish as I’m not the least bit a sprinter. I led into the sprint, my “rival” overtook me, but I held off the other guy for second. All three of us finished within two bike lengths in the bunch.

Really fun race. My tactics didn’t work, but I felt like my idea was decent to try to pare the group down and guarantee second, and ultimately I ended up there.

CAT 3/4/5: Unfortunately, in 100 degree heat index, ten minutes recovery coming off of 24min at a 1.04 IF, I once again had no legs for the start of the 3/4/5 and wasn’t able to stay attached very long. Got a good workout in, though, with a group of four or five. I did quite a lot of work with that group as well as I wanted the workout.

So for the series, in Cat 5, one win, two seconds, and the overall points win. The “rival” won two races, but finished fifth in the third and that was the difference.

Now 9 starts in Cat 5, with a weekend classic coming up in four weeks which will put me to upgrade territory. Unfortunately, I have zero upgrade points from 4-3, but if I can get through those races unscathed, I’ll have at least 12 starts, several podiums, a series win, and a Cat 4 upgrade in the span of less than four months… again, hell of a “year off from racing!”


I finished 25th/27 in my first crit this week :sob:


You finished rubber side down. I think that should be everyone’s goal for their first crit. Besides, if you’re Cat 5, whether you finished first or last, it all counts the same for upgrades!


I’m in the UK so 4th Cat, and sadly only the top 10 riders scored upgrade points!

EDIT: Which just makes me hungrier for the next race :grin:


60km handicap today. Went off in second scratch, but we only had 4 minutes on the scratch bunch plus they had an extra guy (6 vs our 5) so they caught us after only 30km. We were in a mad crosswind section, and I hung on until 37km before getting popped. My 65kg frame ain’t built for those winds. Downside was that only 1.5km later we turned for home with a tailwind. Ugh, so close. Up until I got dropped, just over an hour into the race, it was 110 TSS at 1.01 IF. Ouch! My legs are absolutely toast now.


Winter Series #2, 42kms GMS

6 weeks since I started rehab on my achillies.

Anyway Race #2, I wasn’t the strongest, I knew that, and it isn’t a handicap so I don’t have to work or blow myself up. I rolled a few turns, then sat on the back, left the front roll off, until an attack on a berg, and went with 5 others we stayed away until 2km to go. Stayed 3-4th wheel. With a block headwind, anda slight uphill finish I wanted to go on the inside out of the wind, and last 50m. One rider went, next went, and I went with him, out of the saddle, right in his slipstream, last 20m, came out and around. And Tick. First win of the season. I wasn’t the strongest today but raced smart. Conserved as much energy as possible.

Avg 239 Max 1,172
Avg NP 281
Cadence 84 Max 114
TSS 99


This is all good stuff.
Did you ever think to request an upgrade? A lot of us did that way back when after four or five races. You’ll do fine in the 4s.

I haven’t yet. Maybe I could… but USAC rules say 10 starts. Right now I have 8 crits and a fondo. Maybe I can find another fondo in the next couple of weeks and upgrade to 4 before the classic.

I think I’ll be fine in terms of competing in the 4s as well. Unfortunately every 4/5 or 3/4/5 race I’ve done has been less than 30 minutes turnaround from the prior 5 race, but if I was fresh I have no doubt I’d compete in most of those races.

First ever race! Race up Mt. Ascutney, part of the BUMPS New England hill climb series.

Think I did a pretty dang good job on pacing, just ignore the IF :wink: I totally planned it that way!

Ended up finishing 16 (86 total participants), and smashed my goal of 32 minutes!


Actually joined @pcort for the festivities up Mt. Ascutney. I came 18th (4th in age group) to his 16th, with a time of 32:24 - which was way better than my 34 minute goal. I dug deeper for longer in this race than I ever have before. My HR was sitting in the high 170s and crisscrossing 180 for better than 25 minutes as I fought to breathe the pain away and just keep turning pedals. I had no kick at all for the line, although I did have a strong urge to vomit, but that’s OK. My goal was to finish with an empty tank and I absolutely did. Proud to see some riders behind me on the leaderboard who were ahead of me at the Whiteface race in May. Gotta keep it going…three more BUMPS races in the next six weeks or so.

Also very cool to meet @pcort and watch his very strong finish (I had an earlier start time in the TT style race). This mountain is known as the best training ground for Mount Washington, as it is equal in pitch but about half the distance. Things are looking very strong for the Rockpile in two weeks!


Did RideLondon 100 yesterday, managed to snag myself a slot in the first wave, finished in the middle of the second group with a time of 3:57. They don’t publish placings but pretty sure it was top 50 (out of 25,000!) based on our group having ~20 riders and the one ahead having ~30 (confirmed by friends and family who were spectating and counting). Teeny bit disappointed I couldn’t hang onto the first group as we were still in touch on Box Hill which was the last significant climb, and they were still in sight on the descent so thought we might be able to bring it back together, but they had some strong riders plus our group was a little disorganised (or knackered!) and they pulled away on the 30 miles back into London to finish about 4 minutes clear. But I had a pretty nightmarish week leading into the event, and if you’d offered me a sub-4 hour time beforehand I’d have bitten your hand off, so overall absolutely delighted. Was also able to finish strongly doing some good pulls in that last 30 miles (partly motivated because my average speed was hovering right around 25.0-25.1mph and I didn’t want it dropping to 24.9 for a 4:00:xx finish time!).



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Opted to race Master’s Open in a classic this weekend; crit Saturday, RR Sunday. In both cases, had the opportunity to earn upgrade points (whereas Cat 5 races wouldn’t). Fields had guys rated up to at least Cat 2 and a lot of experience on the local course, so definitely a step up in competition. In addition, two teams were players, one had six and one had five members, so that was a new dynamic I hadn’t dealt with in the 5s.

Crit was going well. Both teams got someone in a break, and I bridged up to the first chase group of four. They shut any kind of chase down, and essentially I was on my own (unaffiliated), with three members from one team there. I was more or less content to try to ride as smart as I could, then see if I could shake loose for a run at the podium, but dropped my chain (the course was super sketchy) with less than four to go, so that was that. Fixed it and finished on the lead lap, and not in last, so there’s that.

Road race saw one team bring six and one only three. Being unaffiliated and not from the area, I didn’t coordinate with the smaller team, so when two guys from the large team got away early, the small team didn’t have the firepower to bring it back. By the time the couple of strong unaffiliated guys got organized, it was probably too late. A couple of other guys attacked the second lap, one ended up staying away but we brought the rest back. I did a lot of work to do that, fired one attack late that gapped the field but couldn’t hold it, and just rolled across with the main field.

In the end, that was races 9 and 10, so I accomplished the season mission and can upgrade to Cat 4. I believe someone on here said “the goal of Cat 5 is to survive without crashing.” I did that, so… cool!


Mt. Washington Auto Road Hill Climb was up today. Absolutely horrible sleep, but nailed everything else. Set out to hold around 300w, ended up right about there. Held 285 avg, 291np, and a time of 1:13:53 to make the ‘Top Notch’ group for next year, and good for 18th place in my division and 47th overall. As always, pacing was key, and didn’t go out too too hard. Went out a little fast to get ahead of the group so I wasn’t fighting for position on the switch backs and held a good pace. Weather turned around the 5000’ point and turned windy and cloudy, headwind wasn’t very nice, but the cool temps (mid 50’s) and wind was very welcome to help cool off. Had to power through the headwind for a bit, but didn’t effect my speed too much, guess that’ll happen when you’re only going 6mph! Overall an excellent race, and gotta thank the TR team for that! Super stoked to get after it again next year!