2018 confessions: How TR helped me win a race

I found myself chasing back on in a local crit (as often happens). As I caught the back wheel of the lead group of six & let my momentum roll me past two teammates at the back I overhead them discussing whether or not anybody was up the road. Well, crap, if they decided somebody was up the road and these guys started to chase I was for sure gonna get dropped again having just chased back on.

So in an act of desperation I did something I heard on the TrainerRoad podcast & said real loud, ‘Dude, we got lapped.’ Somebody asked, ‘We got LAPPED?’

‘Yeah. He’s a beast. Last race before he upgrades.’ Inexplicably, everybody sat up & I was able to recover & jump @500m to carry a gap across the line.

The thing is, it was such an absurd assertion. Looking back there’s no way anybody could have believed that was true. There were probably 4 other riders that were just hanging on and two guys that wanted a sprint so everybody just let the lie propagate.

Anyhow. Fun times!




no threats to your life after the race then?

Im going to propagate this post. :+1:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Can we tag his account as ‘Legend’?

This is epic!!!..who needs a high ftp…

I can’t believe someone actually fell for that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I did something like this in a mountain bike race last summer. Me and this other guy were locked in and he asked if I was ready for the sprint finish as we rounded the last turn. I told him we still had one lap. He believed me. I was wrong. But I never let up and finished ahead of him. :wink:

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