Your FTP improvements


Had a first rough week on SSB2-MV with the new FTP @252W. I think I need some help to get through this one.

Couldn’t finish Geiger +2 and Kaweah.

I was cooked by the 3rd interval on both workouts.

On Friday I did Ebbetts at 90% and it felt good to be able to finish the workout.

Maybe I did something wrong during the Ramp Test. I remember switching to the big ring as the power was not rising accordingly on ERG mode.

Let’s do a new Ramp test! Hopefully I’ll score lower and everything will be ok.

Everything went smooth, small ring all the way till I hit the 20 minutes mark and stopped pedaling. Of course I was hurting by then but if I went really deep I know I could hang on for another 20-30 seconds…

Still ended up with a new FTP @256! I’m afraid I won’t be able to sustain sweet-spot or threshold workouts at this level.

Just to quickly recaps things, I started SSB1-MV with an FTP of 211W via the Ramp test.

Really appreciate any experienced thoughts to help me understand my numbers from the ramp test, my struggles with sustained intervals at sweet-spot & threshold levels and what should I do going forward to keep improving.


The more I read here the more it sounds like 3.75 - 4w/Kg is average. I’ve totally quit riding outside now that CX season is over and will try to only ride the trainer from now until September, trying to get above 4w/Kg so I can be competitive as a cat-4. These numbers you guys share are bonkers.


Your tests look perfect. The only thing I have to add is the the vortex smart requires you are perfect with setup every single time.

When I had a vortex I would always use the spin down calibration to set the tension at the bottom of the green area in the tacx utility. Anywhere else led to failed workouts as the difficulty would increase as the tyre warmed up and increased pressure on the drum.

Last winter was my first experience with Trainroad or any structured training program. In about 6 months I went from an ftp of 149 to 193. But perhaps even more significant than the increase in power was my increase in muscular endurance. This really manifested in my run splits (I’m a triathlete). The bike was always my strongest suit, but now, despite the improvements I’ve made on the bike, I consistently place higher with my run splits. I attribute this to increased muscular endurance - now when I get off the bike, I still have something left in the tank for the run.

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Lol, that’s not the average. Maybe the average of those In this thread post stating their watt/kg.

You have to drop a lot of kg to go from 3.6 to 4.3 with only 20W more… if your power go up and your weight goes down then it’s very good

10/31/18 was my first TR ramp test at 227ftp. I have completed 12 TR workouts and attempted one other, including a second ramp test today at 243ftp. That’s a 7% increase. I’ve also tried two other apps in that span of time and neither works for me as well as TR.
The best part about all of this is that the friends i ride with see the improvements.

It’s demoralizing reading about everyone’s progress. Since September 2017, I’ve only increased from 221 ftp to 248 (3.8w/kg) recently in November doing exclusively mid volume programs in the order they’re prescribed. I’ve tested 11 times since September 2017 and my biggest increase during that timeframe was going from 225 to 239, but I know the 225 I definitely under tested. I recently took about 3 weeks off structured training, riding TR 2-3x per week and doing weights 2x per week and I tested today at 227. How do you guys do it?? I weigh ~143 lbs, 35 y/o and been cycling about 3 years since 2016.

Sept/17 - 221
Dec/17 - 234
Feb/18 - 228
Mar/18 - 219
Apr/18 - 222
May/18 - 226 Sustained power build mid volume
June/18 - 225 40k TT speciality mid volume
July/18 - 239 General build 1 mid volume
Aug/18 - 240 General build 2 mid volume
Oct/18 - 245 Rolling Road Race speciality mid volume
Nov/18 - 248 Sweet Spot Base 1 mid volume
Dec/18 - 227 3 weeks off

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You need to switch up your stimulus, imo.

This is a shot in the dark but give Short Power Build a try.

Wow, crazy.

So did my ramp test after first 6 weeks. 303 Watts and 92.1kg. Short changed myself I think as I ended up doing 50 miles yesterday, albeit easy miles or so I thought, but legs more tired than I hoped.

Still 18 Watts increase, I will take that.

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FTP RESULTS - Has anyone followed the trainerroad plans and not got an FTP increase?

I’ve done Medium SSBase 1 and 2 and retained my ftp of 255w and in week 2 of GeneralBuild Medium Vol. I’m hoping I see an increase this phase - fingers crossed. Doing the majority of the workouts or subsidizing a weekend ride for outside with higher TSS. I’m planning to do SS Base Medium 2 after this then Medium Vol Sustained Power then 40k TT Speciality.

Read a lot of increases here and wondering when I’m going to see an increase :frowning:

Appreciate the feedback.
I always calibrate the vortex trainer via TR’s app prior to any workout.

For vortex I would strongly recommend you use the tacx app on your phone as it will show if your wheel tension is right.

Make sure to disconnect the trainer and close the utility by swiping it away or TR won’t be able to take control after.


I started cycling in February this year, did a lot of (aerobic) base miles. (±7000 km)

Bought an indoor trainer late august and started the SSB HV I at 262 FTP but didn’t follow the plan to the letter because of good weather (a lot of outside riding).

After that I started the SSB MV II at 264 FTP and only did a few recovery rides outside.

Started the sustained power build at 272 FTP and now retested after 4 weeks at 276 FTP.

I’m 31 years old, my weight is 63 kg (139 lbs) so I went from 262 FTP, 4.15 W/kg in August to 276 FTP, 4.38 W/kg in December - a 14 watt gain - 5,34% .

Should I keep the slow but steady approach or should I try to bump up the TSS and try to speed up the progress? Career link: - TrainerRoad

Any thoughts?

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Will definitely give it a try and see how it goes with the tacx app.
Thinking of trying again last week workouts.

42 years old
January 2018:
Weight: 90 kg
FTP: 202
December 2018
Weight: 80kg
FTP: 292


Curious about your groin injury because i am going through an adductor longus tendon tear right now. Been off the back and rehabbing for about 3 months now and just starting to get back to riding. Any advice on what you have done to prevent it from reoccurring? I am familiar with the idea of warm up, stretch and strengthen but wondering if you have anything specific that has really helped you? Appreciate any input, these are buggers to deal with…

Impressive progress on both!

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