Wrist based vs chest strap HR monitor

I have a Forerunner 35 and a 735xt - they only have 2 options - accurate or utter bollocks - with the latter they read about 180-190 for easy runs when my max HR is 174bpm…I obviously use a HR strap when using my 520 plus head unit on the bike…that always reads correctly unless the battery on the strap is failing. Both the forerunners also read accurately with the strap…it’s just that sometimes I forget it when going for a run!

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So somewhat related to this thread. I am currently using my Fenix 6x for HR. I broadcast to my Garmin 830. Overall does a good job. My real question/issue is that my phone (pixel 6) will continually try to connect to my watch and when that happens all my peripherals disconnect for a period of time from my head unit (power meter, varia, HR). Does anyone else have this problem, or know how to make the head unit the preferred Bluetooth device?

My workaround is that when I start my ride I just turn off BT on my phone. The only disadvantage is that the live track doesn’t work then.

IME, my Garmin Vivoactive 4 is very inconsistent on the bike. Granted, HR isn’t THE most important variable I’m tracking, but HR showing 100bpm when it’s actually 140 (or vice versa) isn’t providing useful info and could be masking important info.

On the other hand, I have both a Garmin and a Wahoo chest strap, and they correlate very well with each other and are reliable.

Besides, wrist straps aren’t aero, and your chest strap is typically buried under a jersey.

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I read somewhere that it’s due to the way your wrist flexes when you are on the bike.

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That is why I roll mine to the inside of my wrist for exercise to avoid the wrinkling of the outside of the wrist plus the lighter complexion. I have an Instinct 2 Solar and find it relatively accurate albeit with a slight (1-2sec) delay.

While possible, not the case in my experience

Doesn’t work in any hand position, including sitting up and holding it across my chest looking at it for a minute +, sliding it up the wrist, down the wrist, tighter, looser. Unless it is in broadcast mode it has never gone over 100 on the trainer. Put it in broadcast mode and it works in every position.

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