Would you follow RLGL in this situation?

I recently switched to Mid volume from more then a year doing LV.

I completed the prescribed Threshold workout yesterday. It was marked as Stretch but it didn’t feel Very Hard, only Hard.

Now RLGL wants me to skip the endurance day. This happened the same last week, but got a yellow light so I also didn’t do the full 2h. Only 1h of recovery.

It’s helpful that you showed your weekly graph. After taking 4-5 weeks off, you have ramped up the weekly TSS very quickly. AT/RLGL is trying to get you to slow your roll a bit. It looks like good advice.


It’s “endurance” riding, around recovery effort. Skipping it isn’t going to ruin your training. But if you’re not tired, doing it won’t hurt either.

Listen to your body.