Workout Creator Fonts

I just upgraded my Workout Creator on Windows 10 and the fonts in that program changed from a Sans Serif font to Serif making it harder to read.

Anyone know how to fix this?

EDIT/Update: It sounds like we had to re-release the Workout Creator on a quick turnaround and didn’t spend additional time on the font when the new version of Workout Creator will be out shortly.

Apologies for the trouble in visibility, the new Workout Creator will certainly address it!

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Great–thanks for the update! :smiley:

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@IvyAudrain you can’t just post that, drop the microphone, and exit stage left.

You know the natives will be getting restless.


Will it be released before the mythical masters plans? :thinking:

I give this 5 minutes before an over zealous moderator throws a wobbly & removes this post.


Sorry to disappoint you, but your post is fine and will remain (I know I am not going to touch it).

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Honest question - have you (or anyone really) ever had a post on this forum removed for reasons like this?

I feel like this is an extremely open forum and the only things I’ve seen ‘censored’ were not in any way related to theorizing about upcoming features or even complaining about TrainerRoad. However, it is possible I’m just missing the posts before they are deleted…genuinely curious

Nooooooo definitely not in the business of removing posts, unless of course they violate community guidelines (spam, abuse, breaking the law, etc).
Many of the current Feature Request threads can speak to this: LOTS of posts remain active from frustrated athletes, I wouldn’t dream of censoring or removing. There’s room to air out concern and frustration here for sure. :sunglasses:


^^^ This ^^^

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Honest answer YES!
Post removed by Moderator on Masters Plan Thread.

FYI–here’s a screenshot of what I see

I looked into this. 3 of your posts in the “Plan builder for Masters” thread were flagged by one or more users. 2 of those flags were “Rejected” by me, meaning your posts were left in place because the flag was judged as not appropriate.

The 3rd flag was “Approved” by me, meaning your post was hidden. This was a mistake by me and I have unhidden (shown) your post, to correct the situation.

I was not intending to censor anything. This likely was done by me either by a mis-pick (easy to do when I’m on mobile) or in the midst of handling other flags. There are still numerous “countdown” posts that remained in that thread, which I believe shows that we have not been removing them. Yours was the only one of those posts that was hidden.

In any event, I apologize for the mistake and am sorry for any confusion or frustration it may have caused. I will do my best to not let that type of mistake happen again.

I am always happy to discuss my moderation in public or private, whenever people see an issue. I am not perfect, and have made plenty of mistakes along the way. I learn best by having them pointed out so I can see the issue, review my actions, and hopefully improve on them moving forward. So please, let me know when you see issues you feel need to be addressed. You can also contact Ivy, if you feel she is more appropriate to look at any issue than myself.

Thanks for your time and contributions to the group.


Hmmm my WC is still sans. Definitely easier to read.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.01.34 AM