Windows Desktop App Bug? Please See if you can replicate

I’m seeing a potential bug with the new TrainerRoad Windows Desktop app (Beta version), but would appreciate it if people could check if they are seeing this same thing: When I finish a workout, the ride summary will show NP / planned power for each interval (nice feature), but the initial calculation of NP is low. That is, when the workout completes, and before closing the ride summary, I will see 218/246 (218 = NP, 246 = Target Power). But if I look online, or if I close the ride summary, and then reopen it, I see 244/246. So it looks like the “on the fly” NP calculation in the ride summary is incorrect. And it corrects itself when you close / reopen the ride summary.

Would you mind reporting this potential bug to our Support Team? You can reach us at :slight_smile:.


Reported to TrainerRoad support

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