Will running and swimming training plans be made available as separate modules instead of coming with a triathlon plan as a whole?

This would be of great help when planning different base/build/specialty phases than those coming in the triathlon package.

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Hey Tofel!

We don’t currently have plans to allow you to decouple the running and swimming portion of the Triathlon Plans, however, I could see how that could be really useful in certain situations. We do plan to allow for adding only specific weeks of training plans to the Calendar though, so we can look into the possibility of adding just the Runs and Swims during that phase of development.

I have mentioned this to our Product Managers and tagged this thread with the #feature-request tag so that we can find it later :slight_smile:


Update: Just chatted with one our Devs and this feature is actually in the works! No ETA as of now, however, we will update you guys in the Announcements section as we release new features.


I’ve had this same thought, although maybe for a different reason. As a runner turned triathlete I sometimes cherry pick the HV running workouts and do them in my MV tri plan. Would be cool if I could add all of the HV workouts for the run in with my regular MV swim and bike workouts.

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This is great, @Bryce You guys are the best!

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Fantastic, this would be so useful for me.


This would be a huge benefit to duathletes such as myself…really no need for the swim workouts while focusing on duathlon…despite my need for swim workouts in future.