Why my climbing sucks?

Thank you all guys! Sorry don’t have time to reply each one as the weekdays kicks in.

All your suggestions are valuable to me. Last weekend went to some local climb and
really pushed hard to see where the problem is. I guess it’s all mixed.

Good news is that I can really push above my threshold but it’s just sooo hurt. If it’s
not a race I will never push myself that hard intentionally during a climb. Kind of don’t
know why people enjoy climbing. What i felt is that:

  1. Power: re @KickrLin and @Benjamin_Reynolds . Power is for sure not that high. 260W for 9mins climb fells like hell, and definitely can’t go higher. So I’ll keep following SSBHV training and raise my sustained power and overall fitness.

  2. Cadence: re @KickrLin. Previously I didn’t pay close attention to the cadence, just whatever it goes.
    What I found is that higher cadence is easier indeed. But I found it’s interesting that standing climb with low cadence i.e 70-80rpm wii give more power and compared to high cadence seated climbing, but more taxing as well. I’ll try the cadence drills on TR.

  3. Indoor training: re @N8lewis Yes I find low gear is a little bit harder than high gear due to the fly wheel
    inertia. I’ll try to mix those gears.

  4. Climb tech: re @elysianbike. Yeah probably that’s another point. I’m not a very experienced rider
    for sure. I felt I’m OK when I’m fresh but whenever fatigue kicks in my pacing/power/cadence/position are just all over the place. Will keep an eye on that.

  5. Gearing: re @NWcyclingman. I used to use a 11-32 during the summer but changed back to 11-28 for the winter. Front is 52/36. I should switch back to 11-32 considering my fitness has declined quite a bit.

re @pcort SSBHV feels OK currently, reasonably fatigued but will see if that’s too much. Also you’ve pointed out an important fact. I’m not good at bunch riding and also I’ve burning myself in order to keep
up with all heavy riders before the climb. That’s where I get confused from the begining, as I suppose
to beat them on a climb but I can’t. Basically my racing and fitness level are just beginner level.

Overall thank you all guys. Will keep training, learning and discovering. Ride On!