Why don’t chain manufacturers offer chains without factory grease?

I do get gunk, but I’m wondering how much of that is due to the cleaner alone. I don’t see the reaction I have seen from her cleaner. It makes me think that I could end up having a box of ultrasonic cleaners that aren’t working, right next to the box of saddles, and shoes too…

I bought mine based on a solid recommendation from a trusted source, and this is probably far more an indication of the QA process of the manufacturer than anything, but with that, what is the most accurate and usable ultrasonic cleaner. (Like power meters, etc) Yet another chase for, what were we talking about? (I wonder if there is a potentiometer buried in that thing that could boost the ability to clean and free gunk)


After reading all the responses in this thread (which I started) it’s clear I’d be happier with my ultrasonic cleaner to occasionally more thoroughly clean the chain with some decent citrus degreaser. And also just use a chain cleaner when I don’t want to do that. And just keep on top of chain wear.

I hate having containers of mineral spirits and denatured alcohol around. Ufo clean is way too expensive.

Given I’m not concern with whatever watts I’m losing and I only ride outside on weekends it all seems more hassle than it’s worth to me.

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Greased chains are just icky. I wax not for the performance(though that is nice) but to just not have those chains in my small apartment


Because they pollute everything. Chain rings, cassettes, and bad enough chain and seat stays, so any contact with anything not black, or gray, leaves those tooth marks and smudges. I have traveled with my bikes and am almost paranoid about avoiding any drive-train/tire marks left on bedding, furniture, and walls.

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I can definitely understand that. Since I have a garage it’s not an issue for me. It understand when living in an apartment. Just like a filthy bike. I can leave it dirty in the garage with no worries. But if I had to bring it inside that would be a different story

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Chain manufacturers could coat their chains in simple paraffin for protection instead of factory lube. That would still be a better lubricant than any wet lube on the market and consumers could switch to any lubricant of their choice afterwards without having the hassle of cleaning first

Confession: I usually ride chains right out of the packaging, rarely clean them, and toss them when they get nasty/worn. I’m no racer, and have been frustrated by the drama of cleaning chains and all that stuff. I’m lucky, I guess, that I haven’t ridden outside much in the past three years, primarily riding my smart bike trainers.

Back when I did ride, I did use a Park Tool chain cleaner thing, until it broke. I used White Lightning chain lube, until the caps broke and it all evaporated. I did try the Green degreaser, and even their White degreaser, and gave it up. I tried mineral spirits but haven’t actually tried DNA, but have a bunch of it from a tile job I did.

Someone needs to come up with a better way to clean chains and I’m sure people would beat a path to their door. I’ve had other riders offer to take my ‘used’ chains because they likely still have some life in them. I used to change at the end of a season. Changing cassettes every other year and chain rings every third year, or when they were on sale somewhere. I used to ride with people that were sponsored and envied them because someone else did the chain cleaning, etc. Yeah, I probably wasted money, but that was the amount of effort I would spend in not dealing with cleaning the damn things.

I did buy the Silca secret wax, and a small rice cooker and have dreams of finding an Ultegra chain, stripping it and cooking it in the wax and riding more outside. Some day…


Yeah but people would likely complain about that too. Paraffin doesn’t sound very ecologically sensitive, but neither is the gunk they already use. :man_shrugging: