Clean chain on new bike

I have a new mountain bike on the way and want to clean the factory grease off the chain that it comes with. What’s the best way to do this without removing the chain from the bike and compromising the master link? What cleaner do you use?

I’ll be applying Dumonde Tech after I strip it down, so it needs to be pretty clean.

I’ve ridden with the factory grease before and it was a dirt magnet so I’m not eager to do that again.

Not really a way to totally clean it while on. Time/cleaner/etc isn’t worth the 5 bucks you’d spend on a new quick link.

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I would look up some youtube vids; something along the lines of: silca cleaning the chain part 1 & 2.

Get a connex masterlink so you can take the chain off whenever for a proper cleaning.

I just throw a light lube on it. Pro Link Gold, or anything like that. Let it dry overnight, put whatever lube you want after that.

On older chains, I use WD-40, makes a bit of a mess when the cleaners strip all the gunk, so generally just take it off, spray it, wipe it, spray it, and then let it dry overnight, lube. But, if you take it off, you’ve got stuff you can use such as mineral spirits. Or less toxic stuff like simple green and an ultrasonic cleaner or a mason jar. I tend to use WD-40 because I have it around and it dries up but not too fast.