Who's doing Strada Rossa?

Who’s doing Strada Rossa this weekend in Redlands, Ca? Looks to be great weather.

Good luck to everyone that goes!

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Heading to True Grit. Weather is looking more questionable there :expressionless:

I’ll be there. Doing the medium course.

Nice. I’ll be doing the long course. Do you know when they will release the course map? I was hoping today but haven’t seen anything.

Right on @daness40 - I hope you are all dialed in and getting your carbs on right about now. The long course will be a big day out there, I reckon.

They put out a message on their IG account: PSA: routes will be emailed Friday at 7 am.

I really wanted to get out there and recon at least one of the climbs called Zanja Peak but couldn’t fit it in. Oh well, I’ll get my pre ride notes nailed down Friday afternoon and have a nice clean bike, fully charged, locked and loaded ready for Saturday. What do you ride just in case, so if I spot you I can give you a holler? I’ll be on my harvest gold crux sporting my blue Coureur kit.

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