White Di2 brake hoods

It’s a wet Sunday and a rest day for me today. Made good use of the time by installing some new bar tape. You will laugh, I also bought the matching socks :slight_smile:

My question is does anyone know where I can get some ‘white’ brake hoods that are compatible with Ultegra R8000 series Di2? eBay has a few for 6800 series but assume they won’t fit with the electronic buttons?

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Will look very fancy but can’t imagine they’ll stay white for very long!

I haven’t seen colored Di2 hoods for anything newer than the 6800 series.

That said, black might work in this case with that color-blocked pattern you have.

Not that my persnickety preferences matter, but the “always black” rule that usually pertains to shorts also pertains to hoods for me. Something about colored hoods just feels strange to me :man_shrugging:

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Mr Clean Eraser does work well to clean things up, but i agree with @Jonathan on all white and “rules”

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Yes, I was also concerned about the dirt factor, but thought it was worth a go. Putting new bar tape on isn’t too expensive so I figured it was worth a try. Note taken on the hoods, Black it is. Still looks good imo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ‘gentle’ feedback gentlemen :wink:

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Make sure to post pics once it’s fully built!

I think it may be like my motorcycle, it’s never finished, just evolves but will do :slight_smile:


The “always black” rule applies to all bike things, all the time. :wink:

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Oops, looks like I bought the wrong bike then :wink: lol. In my area there is a sea of ‘matt’ bikes, I wanted a ‘shiny’ one. The logic was the gloss paint would cut through the air smoother than a matt finished bike. In all seriousness I just love how she sparkles in the sun :slight_smile:


And that’s all that matters. If you like it, it’s a winner!