Which Bike to Bring on a Trip?

Asking for a friend…
Hi I have a dilmema and I hope you can help, work, hayfever and domestic life have conspired against me the last couple of weeks so I am not feeling great however I have 3 days of R&R (in devon where I can get a couple of hours in riding each day but the road surfaces aren’t great.) starting from this afternoon and then a business trip to cypress, I come back straight into a weekend where I have planned myself out. I can take 1 bike! I also have a portable omnium trainer fork mount trainer. I am not a small rider! omnium trainer fork mount trainer
there is a race a week on Sunday which I am not very prepared for and will just roll around at snails pace and enjoy the event whilst I help set up and take down with the crew.
All bikes are in good condition, well serviced and have wahoo mounts and so on so facilities wise there is nothing to choose between them

My current thinking is nick the trek wheels and the argon and chuck some 25/28mm tyres on from the Halfords on the way down,

How bad will carbon Brake pads be on alloy rims in the dry?

Bike 1 - Trek 10 yrs old 23mm tyres 105 groupset 10sp

Bike 3 - Argon18 - full Carbon, Ultegra 25mm Tyres on Deep (80mm rear, 60mm Front) section rims, aero bars (Not a TT Bike) Ultegra 10sp

Bike 2 - 2 yr old specialized allez clairs groupset 8 speed 25mm tyre

I’m not a roadie, so I can’t give you advice on which bike. But, I changed your title so hopefully you can get the answers you need.

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