Where has my progression come from?

The progression after my workout this morning shows an increase of sweetspot and tempo. When I open the app it also appears that my sprint has gone up to 3.0 - but I’ve not done any other workouts and certainly no sprint work. Why has it done this? Is this an error?

It’s best to email support@trainerroad.com directly for this type of question. We have no idea and your post may be missed vs the support ticket process that guarantees review and answers.

Thanks. All new to this and trying to understand why things do what. Cheers

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Thanks again. Support think it’s all good, so it’s some additional secondary PL apparently. Can’t see it myself but I’m sure in the long run it won’t make much difference. Just don’t want to be cheating myself.

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If you hover over (or click on if you are in the app) the progression level it should say what the basis for that value is.

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from the latest workout it has PL increases for Tempo and Sweetspot - nothing for Sprint. But I can see now that it does have an ‘initial progression level’ of 3.0 for sprint in grey. If I check the previous workout, the initial PL for sprint is also there. I did an outside ride a few days before this previous workout, it doesn’t show the PL for this ride - but I can only assume that I picked up some sprint PL during the ride? Looking at the power data I did have several bursts over my 1min power, so guess this is it. That was my first outside with since starting with TR, so don’t know what to expect and it’s odd to me that there is no PL charts for that ride, so can’t confirm for certain.

I should have been more clear. Click on your sprint progression level on your career page. There it should say what the number is based on.

oh right. Interestingly it says my starting PL was 3.0.

Hey @Back2Basics,

I’ve adjusted your Sprint Progression Level to 1.0.

I’m looking into what might have caused it to start at 3.0.

I’ll let you know what I find! :male_detective:

Sorry for any confusion.

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It looks like you’re running into a bug here @Back2Basics :bug:

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve switched your Sprint PL down to 1.0 so you should be good to go moving forward.

Sorry again for any confusion! :handshake:

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Glad you got this sorted, @eddiegrinwald .

That solved, I think this example where the support tech apparently gave the Sprint 3.0 PL an “OK” is worthy of internal review. Hearing that the initial tech consult said this was good really seemed suspect to me. It looked and seemed odd, but lacking background info available on the TR side I couldn’t state it with any authority.

But your re-review of this shows there was a legit issue, so the reason that got missed or misinterpreted by the tech is something I think is worth of review as well.