Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Another easy day, Testing if 28’s fit on the tt bike. they do and it’s soooo much smoother. Faster? dunno.


We need a descent and uphill to do some field testing of tires!

Wed night ride, somehow I got put out front, again. Make the big guy pull they said. Debbie was smart and stuck to my wheel until we hit the game on section.

Big group tonight, maybe 35 peeps?! May is bike month indeed. A lot of them in the regroup pic:

Good times!


What a great looking group! Everyone looks fast! Mt Diablo is a big hill and not too far from you!

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we can see Mt Diablo when pulling into the regroup gas station!

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I think I’ll rate this as did not pass it wasn’t flat out for the 12min interval and in truth I probably could have got closer to it but with an early commute and then a 50miles TT coming up I didn’t have the motivation to wreck my legs big time on the Workout tonight, Byers Peak -4. I should have also done it on the TT bike but I didn’t fancy a game of Kerplunk, and did it on the roadbike. Given Ive got a local TT coming up I thought Id better recce the course. Its not the best of training routes as too many downhills and the uphills are too short so I haven’t looped round it in a bit. The route was Peterborough, Awalton, down Bullock Road, over the Morborne Bump to the Morbourne village, through Folksworth then down through Washingley to the Washingley cross roads, the TT turns right there back to town but that wouldn’t have gave me time for the rest of the work out so I turned left to Infield Road and that coincided nicely with a rest interval and I was able to soft pedal down to Glatton and get through the village before the next on interval which I mostly got in before the Stilton ob (I did have to loop round its tight roundabout and retrace my route for 2mins to finish). I then had a longer cooldown to Peterborough via the relativley new industrial estate and the Orton Waterville suburb.

Actually, its not as bad as I thought so I will mark it as a pass :neutral_face:

I stopped as usual for a few more pics on the cool down through the park.


Memorial day weekend is a GO! Coast of Maine until Tuesday.

Had to do 3x25 @ 90% SS intervals, and I’m rocking the XC bike on the road this weekend getting in miles to get ready for upcoming events.

A couple roadies weren’t expecting to get passed by a dude on a FS MTB!


I did one of my favorite trail runs today at the Del Dios Highlands Preserve. Up one side and down the other and then back. Lots of really good downhill running.


Did a climbing ride in flatland :rofl:

Windy AF and the gains keep coming. All time endurance power PRs at 60-min, 90-min, and 120-min. Humbled.


Great pics!! I love riding up in Maine when I get the chance.

Did you find yourself spinning out alot with the mtb gearing?

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On anything more than an easy downhill, yes I can. But that’s really only an issue if I’m trying to do an interval and keep a power target so far. I think with my setup (10-52/30t) I can spin 28-30 mph, and that’s not something I’m going to be able to do anyways where I really have to put power down.

For my 3 intervals yesterday I was able to keep NP within 5-6W of my average, so not bad.


another easy spin on the TT bike during the rest week. 2 more easy rides then it’s go time on a 25+ hour week!


did you find any aero data on zz-top beards?

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found a gcn short from a few years ago that some fake beard they put on a rider was actually 4 watts faster. I stopped looking at that point and called it good :rofl:


:+1: a good ZZ Top beard is a sight to behold. Keep rocking it, and that laminar air flow!

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A video I saw said it cost you 1w for 40km which can be mitigated elsewhere. Hence Wiggins had a hairy face until the hour record when he was looking for that tiny marginal gain.

Another day on the Maine Coast.

Harpswell Neck, Orr’s and Bailey Islands, Mackerel Cove and more.

Also, I think the only cribstone bridge left? NOT my photos, go check out Benjamin Williamson Photo on IG and give him a follow.

And the view now…


A nice amount of not-flat running you had there! kudos.

Yesterday was an afternoon roll on the gravel bike.

I had the camera rolling for a lot of the ride, but the video doesn’t seem that interesting, at least not to me, but then i ride these trails all the time.
Got a pic w/ a train at one of my favorite picture spots:

And these white flowers remain in bloom. The trails on this side of the of the river – in the Wildnispark – are bounded by often thick bands of these flowers.

They are called Ramsons, otherwise known as wild garlic, cow’s leek, wood garlic, and bear’s garlic (I’m not sure why it’s a leek for a cow and garlic for a cow). Often, the garlic or garlic-adjacent smell is strong through here. You can harvest these and make a stew, it’s quite safe (a forest ranger here told me that, while I’ve seen people collecting them, I haven’t tried it).

The temp was cool enough for arm warmers. I nearly regretted not wearing a gillet, but it warmed up to the upper 50sF.

Today, however, was a great day to be outside. I had originally planned on a long run, but poor and inadequate sleep, with my Garmin saying to take the day off, and a late start, kept the run to only 5 miles.
There were cows, but no cow bells. (change vid quality to 4k for the best)

There was even flat and flatish bits in today’s mostly-trail run.

Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 15.12.14

In the map of the run above, you’ll see across the lake is Küsnacht, which is the home (now former) home of someone in the news the last day two (RIP). Her home is circled in this pic from our home on this side of the lake.


Quite a bit flatter for me today it was down to the A428 near Cambourne circa 3 laps of that and then a sprint to Hardwick, the F2/50 TT.

Power was down nearly 40w on my last 30 mile TT and down 11-12 w on my 50 milers on that course last year but I must have been more aero as I was 55seconds faster. It probably should have been faster again but I bit off the bite valve for the bladder at circa 28 miles so I was a bit conservative after that as it was a wee bit warm.

I missed the Giro so I’m just catching up on the relive to see how the pros do it on a hillier course. Apologies to folk who asked me questions in the Pro Cycling thread; I’m not ignoring you, I’m avoiding it until I’ve seen it :wink:


Recovery-ish again today. TT bike again. 3 short efforts to try and snag a few KOM’s. Wasn’t as windy as I was expecting so only got one(a tie at that!). Last time I took one from that guy he went out that day and re-took it. see if he tries to go and best it today :rofl:

Did manage to set a new 1 minute PR of 468w(in the aero position to boot!)


Hate it when the former KOM takes it back so quick! Nice job on the power PR :muscle:

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