Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Did some testing to try and see the actual advantage I get with the TT bike.
Went out first with the road bike(Ti Salsa Colossal with Force AXS, 404FC’s and 28mm GP5K)

Then went back out with the TT bike(Cervelo P3X with Ultegra Di2, ENVE 7.8’s and 25mm GP5K’s)

Both rides included 2 east bound segments and 2 west bound segments that I compared. Here is what I got. Top is the TT bike, bottom is the road bike. Wind went I left on the road bike was pretty calm, maybe 5mph out of the SW when I left on the tt bike. So I’d guess a delta of ~1.25mph in favor of the TT bike.

Using this data to determine where to use the TT bike at Silver State 508 this fall. There are 5 sections that would maybe be ok(2-70 mile sections, 2-31 mile sections, and 1-85 mile section.) Given the info I have now. I’ll likely fore go using it on the 31 mile sections, once factoring in the time needed to swap bikes, I don’t know if there is enough benefit. Figure 1 minute saved for each 5 miles on the TT bike, I don’t know if we can do 2 bike swaps in 6 minutes.

Also need to figure out how attached I am to my 3+ year old beard and long hair. Gonna have to do some research on how much time those are costing me.

ETA: forgot to say, the road bike PM reads ~4.5% higher than the PM on the TT bike so these were pretty close to equal power!


I hummed and hahhed all day about getting of the train early and doing tonight’s workout on the commuter bike by RPE. In the end though I decided doing a workout with a laptop probably wasn’t a good idea so rushed home to ditch it and get my TT bike. However, doh, it would have took too long to get out, so I grabbed the good road bike which has a power meter and headed out to do Kennedy -2.
Apart from the start, when I pressed the lap button a couple of times instead of stop/start and decided to reset the workout, I think I wasn’t too far off the target.

Light was fading fast though and instead of a Z2 cool down I had a bit of a tempo session to the Stilton overbridge.

I decided to stop there and clip my front light on.

By the time I’d done a proper cooldown, those lights were needed.

Lol, and the camera flash (I’d forgot it was set to auto flash)


Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 10.08.52 AM

Getting ready for BRAN next week!


I was wondering if you were going to actually visit a barber. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry I just now saw this.

That’s my Enve Melee set up my spare wheel set that I keep 35mm conti terra speeds on. I enjoy that set up on z2 rides when I’m just kinda exploring new roads here in north Texas.

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Hit my annual quota!

Beat my previous best from 2016, and taking back my KOM. Shaved 10 seconds off my ‘adopted son’ that took it from me 3 years ago.


I’ve got a couple of KOM’s still, some of which I find bizarre. One of them is a flat (a KOM oxymoron) mile long sprint out of town where I’m first out of 1,428. It was a bombsite (potholed) road when I took it back in 2015 on my heavier non aero commuter bike but its been resurfaced since and there’s no traffic lights, yet it was only just matched last year :exploding_head:

More the norm are the spurious segments like Warmington to Elton Warmington to Elton | Strava Ride Segment in Warmington, England, United Kingdom which turns right across busy traffic (the equivalent of left in most countries), 2lanes of constant 60mph + traffic, then sprints along it before diving of left into a village and continues up to it. Or the less spurious Bretton Gate past the hospital Bretton Gate - Past the Hospital | Strava Ride Segment in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom, which goes through a signalised roundabout (traffic circle) and there’s another set of traffic lights at a busy hospital T junction in the middle. I must have just hit traffic right :-/


KOM chat time? Being a slacker and riding in a place where my road times are against semi-pro / pro-am riders much younger, much lighter, and much stronger than me, and riding my gravel bike were I’m against serious mtb racers who are also much younger, much lighter, and much stronger than me means I my KOMs are longer segments that bridge between trail sections. For example, one local segment I have the KOM on is 3.49 miles with 1129’ of ascent that starts with two steep (18-25%) climbs, gets onto pavement, has a long pavement climb of 10-15% before returning to rocky double-track with a 25% kicker to end. Funny enough, Strava shows only three other people have done this segment :joy:

Another KOM I have is 9.12 miles with 2505’ of ascent. This is mostly trail with a few miles of rocky & rooty single- / double-track (that mtb’s love to descend), and includes about 2mi of paved climbing. Strava shows I’m the only person who’s done this, and variations of it (a 9.66mi / 2541’ segment). Although, a subsection (5.5 miles / 1412’), that’s includes all of the pavement, shows six riders.

I’m the guy, it seems, who creates their own segments no one will do so he can have the KOM :joy:

Somehow I’ve managed a lot of Top 10s, a lot more than I thought I had on the bike and a few on the run. My favorite Top 10 is a running segment I came across in my curiosity to sparked by the KOM discussion. It is called “Italian Beer Loop” for some reason. Part of a slightly longer run that was my usual training route, it starts and finishes in Chiswick (West London, where we lived before Switzerland), goes to the Thames and then along the Thames to Hammersmith Bridge, cross to the other side, down the towpath to the Barnes bridge, but up the riverside to return to Chiswick. The two path is hardpack dirt but everything else is paved. The segment is 4.97 miles and is basically flat at 47’ of ascent and my PR / Top 8 that still stands is a time of 37:43, or 7:35/mi. That was in July 2016 when I was a bit more fit :laughing: (I did a 69mile ultra 5wks prior).

Later that day when I got run into that Top 8 position (actually, looking, I was Top 4 then), my daughter and I went riding, me on my fixed gear and she on her new mtb (she was clearly disappointed with my directions at the end):

Two days earlier, we were riding near the Hammersmith Bridge.

Returning to the present, this morning’s run (at a much slower pace than for the Italian Beer Loop) was in a light rain and included ducks. I walked by them to not scare them. The one didn’t seem to understand English, so I switched to German, and it picked up its pace!

And brief commentary by me this morning on running trails…


Just get in there first :wink: I got the 2009 KOM up the Col de Rates in Spain.

After my 1.5mins PB last year I’m down more than 26,000 places behind a few pro’s and semi-pro’s :joy:


This was how it looked from our neck of the woods on Monday @WindWarrior! It was stunning. I didn’t know what it was. Thanks for telling us!


Look how far the moon moved from your Monday pic to my Tuesday pic:

@HLaB and @mountainrunner it was the first ride on new shoes

Kinda like new bike day, had to justify the purchase with a fast ride and finally take back a flat KOM (lol, flat KOM) from my ‘adopted son’ while he is distracted and off racing for a semi pro team. Gotta get ‘em while I can.


I was supposed to be saving my legs for the 50 miles TT on Saturday. Poor self discipline meant I didnt exactly do that on tonight’s 3 up. From Yaxley down to Holme then across to Glatton and Chapel End, where we turned down to the Giddings (Little and Steeple), Hamerton and Alconbury Weston, before going up the old A1 to the Stilton OB (a mile or two south of Yaxley, we would go back there but it’d mean a paceline on a busy road its best to call it a day there).

The full thing including my ride out from Peterborough

Well almost. My bimble back through Peterborough showing Cyclepathic Tendencies.

I think the big stationary gap was me taking pictures :roll_eyes:

PS I’ll need to match the paceline to a circa 1 hour tempo or low level SS workout.


Me last night:

with him in 2nd.

Him today in Cancun:

So I “take his KOM” last night with ~2 minutes at 350+W and 31.6mph, put a smile on my face for a minute or two.

Today he spent 90K in breaks, basically the entire race, takes 3rd place and

2 hours at 29.1mph :scream: all my KOM will be his someday unless he goes pro and moves away LOL

Maybe he will have mercy on this old guy when he gets back. Spoke with him Monday before his flight to Mexico, and told him “I’m going to take one of my KOMs back this week and make it a little bit of a challenge for you.” Only got 1 of those 2 statements right LOL. Kids. :laughing:


It was as he recced the course for the UCI champs so probably wasn’t going flat out but the cycling media made a big thing about him (Wout Van Aert) taking a few KOMs Wout van Aert takes time trial bike to Scotland for World Championships recon —then rides an OVO bike on Glasgow’s “risky” streets | road.cc. So a few days later a local rider went out and actually gave it some gas :smiley:
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Another easy day, Testing if 28’s fit on the tt bike. they do and it’s soooo much smoother. Faster? dunno.


We need a descent and uphill to do some field testing of tires!

Wed night ride, somehow I got put out front, again. Make the big guy pull they said. Debbie was smart and stuck to my wheel until we hit the game on section.

Big group tonight, maybe 35 peeps?! May is bike month indeed. A lot of them in the regroup pic:

Good times!


What a great looking group! Everyone looks fast! Mt Diablo is a big hill and not too far from you!

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we can see Mt Diablo when pulling into the regroup gas station!

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I think I’ll rate this as did not pass it wasn’t flat out for the 12min interval and in truth I probably could have got closer to it but with an early commute and then a 50miles TT coming up I didn’t have the motivation to wreck my legs big time on the Workout tonight, Byers Peak -4. I should have also done it on the TT bike but I didn’t fancy a game of Kerplunk, and did it on the roadbike. Given Ive got a local TT coming up I thought Id better recce the course. Its not the best of training routes as too many downhills and the uphills are too short so I haven’t looped round it in a bit. The route was Peterborough, Awalton, down Bullock Road, over the Morborne Bump to the Morbourne village, through Folksworth then down through Washingley to the Washingley cross roads, the TT turns right there back to town but that wouldn’t have gave me time for the rest of the work out so I turned left to Infield Road and that coincided nicely with a rest interval and I was able to soft pedal down to Glatton and get through the village before the next on interval which I mostly got in before the Stilton ob (I did have to loop round its tight roundabout and retrace my route for 2mins to finish). I then had a longer cooldown to Peterborough via the relativley new industrial estate and the Orton Waterville suburb.

Actually, its not as bad as I thought so I will mark it as a pass :neutral_face:

I stopped as usual for a few more pics on the cool down through the park.


Memorial day weekend is a GO! Coast of Maine until Tuesday.

Had to do 3x25 @ 90% SS intervals, and I’m rocking the XC bike on the road this weekend getting in miles to get ready for upcoming events.

A couple roadies weren’t expecting to get passed by a dude on a FS MTB!