Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

10 mile shake down ride on the upgraded old aluminati road bike. Got 5 short hill repeats in. Man, Ultegra 11 speed shifts like a dream, even on my big pie-plate rear cassette.

The ride proved I need a shorter stem. Bike shop was sold out of 90mm stems, so Amazon to the rescue. Zipp stem en route…


Yesterday was a 3:30a wake-up to get the son up and off to the airport for a 7a flight for 2wk trip to Africa on a medical internship for high school students, home, wait until he lands in Amsterdam and is on his next leg, then out the door on the gravel bike for a quickie.

After the days of rain – weeks really if you ignore the pauses here and there – causing flooding and at the very least significantly high water in rivers and lakes, everything is soggy. The rain (mostly) ended though getting up on the ridgeline put me into the cloud and more moisture.

I’m kind of over cleaning the mud off the bike (and me) after every ride. I’m ready for dust. Come on, it’s now past the middle of July!

After fatherly errands and duties around the house, I returned to the airport for a 5p flight for Valencia, hit the market (open until 9:30p), and then dinner at 9p. I slept in and lazed around until getting out at 1p on the road bike under a clear sky with a warm sun and temp up to 35C / 95F, which is quite the difference from yesterday’s 16 - 18C (<65F). Tried to focus on Z2 with any efforts above kept to sweetspot (there were some exceptions).

At some point, I’ll get my gravel bike here and explore the trails around the Parc Natural de la Serra (among other places around here, Ojos Negros Greenway is on my list).

GPTempDownload (2)
Sunday afternoon and the streets were virtually deserted on my return.


Missed the morning group ride so went out later by myself. Finally a cooler day here with less humidity


Met a mate in Deeping St James and cycled with them down to the New Old Barn cafe in Wadenhoe. I dare say the max was when the bike was sat outside the cafe but 55deg C (131 deg F) :fire:


Took out the rocketship today, and while it was super windy and I couldn’t quite stay in position, still maintained quite a good speed throughout some of these segments.
Always good to take home a few crowns.


Finally rode into the Sierra mountains, mostly following Interstate 80 up to Dutch Flat and then out Drum Power House Rd:

39 miles of rolling up and down in the heat:

Easy tempo climbing.

I’m the tall dude that doesn’t look like a climber :joy: Wore my DeathRide jersey in honor of yesterday’s cancelled ride due to fires, and in case I forgot how to climb :thinking:

theme song: Love Rollercoaster (original by Ohio Players or cover by Red Hot Chili Peppers)




A bit of a TR outdoor workout this afternoon after a 4.3mi run this morning (with a total of 52’ of ascent!). The temperature was around 32C / 90F, so that was nice. At the end of the ride, Garmin said I was now 50% heat acclimated.

Clouds Rest + 4 is 4x(30s at 130%, 15s rest). I miscounted and thought I was done after the 3 set :sweat_smile:. There were some interruptions due to traffic but generally, I was able to do the workout as prescribed, well, except for the warm-up. The workout is set to roll right into the warm-up of five intervals but getting out the urban area prevented that.

A convenient pause after the first of four sets when traffic slowed.

I’m toast and on an overpass after all 4 sets and looking toward the urban area of Valencia, Spain.

GPTempDownload (4)
This is the main “hill” on the outbound. The other “hills” are overpasses. On the return, I “tunnel” under this climbing apparatus (there’s an mtb descending the thing).

GPTempDownload (5)
A brief tuck into the bike path on the return and just entering the urban area. I’m waiting for the green to get back into traffic on the left. There’s a sign ahead giving the temp as 33C.

It’s nearly 9p which means it’s nearly time for dinner. The schedule is a bit different here than back in Switzerland (or the US for that matter).


MTB ride with a friend, found a bunny just hanging out at the park, looked like it ran from someone’s home so his girlfriend came and adopted it :heart:


awww a little bun bun… try as I might I can’t get pics of the western jackrabbit to post here so a little Wikipedia for ya:

Can’t get closer than 100 yards before they are running at top speed across the fields!


The rabbit is currently at my friends house and sleeping on him. All is well



If you think the jack rabbit is difficult, try getting a pic of a jackalope!


1978 was my first jackalope encounter, at Wall Drug in South Dakota.

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Ah yes, Wall Drug. That is a good place to spot a jackalope. (Pic taken when I took the kids and the two dogs on an RV trip… wife preferred to stay home.)


My oldest is on a temporary job assignment about 45 minutes from Wall Drug, and I’m trying to convince her to make the pilgrimage. That pic should help!

I was supposed to do Jacks -1 today, but it was the first nice day after like a week of cold and bluster, and Benjamin wanted to ride but he doesn’t train on purpose, so I compromised and dragged him up my five-mile hill. I may have neglected to mention that it’s a five-mile hill. IT’S FINE he’s fitter than I am anyway.

Lousy two watts off a 30-minute PR. I’ll have to go back and do a better job pedaling through the dips.

The Trønders do ice cream stops instead of cafe stops. I don’t understand. The waffle was awesome.


Just having fun before taking a 5 day break, nabbed a KOM so that’s always satisfying

Do you guys think I have enough stem spacers :laughing:


Best ride of the year today!

Short, mostly in active recovery zone but with my dad!

At 78 he’s still training and racing. After last year with no racing and really limiting his social interactions he was looking forward to a race season again when he crashed in training.
Multiple fractures to his pelvis and shoulder blade put him in hospital for two weeks in April.
After a few trainer rides (on TR) the past weeks today I got to be his domestique for his first outside ride after the crash.

I then went out for a 2:45 endurance/tempo ride which was nice but riding with dad made my week!


Met some mates in the morning again, pre TT. I wasn’t off till near 5pm though so I did a bit of the ride with them.

The wind was supposed to die down a bit for my TT at Cambourne and it was supposed to get wetter too (it had been forecasted thunderstorms earlier in the week) it done neither. With getting held up at the turn and the last 5.5miles being into a 20mph wind I am quite happy with a PB of circa 1min 10secs (circa 22:30 for the 10) :slightly_smiling_face:

It sure felt like it was more than 15secs of zone 1 on the way out though :joy:

TR puts it at 95% which is about right :joy: