Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

A local Kona IM age grouper moved and is now living in Kona, and she did Kaloko Drive in 53:01 somewhere in Strava top 10 for women. Beast!

I love the Big Island. Happy to see you are having fun!

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The climb is really 4 parts.
The first is the Hina Lani, which is around 6.5%, just the last bit before the highway is pretty steep.
Then there is the Ane Keohokalole Hwy, which is short an relatively flat.
The biggest part of the climb is the Kaloko Dr, which then ultimately turns onto the Huehue Street for a last short pitch.
I guess the 50min time starts from β€œ2”. The KOM on the full climb is around 1:10 and I was a cool 30 minutes slower.


that one is hidden in segment search, had to find your ride to see it!

Great effort. The video is cool :+1:

Aye it was mild yesterday, I was rough on couch with the booster :roll_eyes:

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I hope you are feeling better today!

Yeah, not 100% though. Just done some Z2 and was doing a lot more sweating and the old ticker wasn’t behaving as normal. Feel better after it though :+1:

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Short one today - spin to meet my buddy for a coffee.


Snow anyone? There was a lot of it today. I had to pick my route thoughtfully otherwise it would not have been rideable. This is good practice for low cadence balancing, while keeping things in Z2 and no sweating.


Still waiting on snow in Ohio. Just a New Years Eve cruise around the neighborhood


Looks fantastic :smiley::sunglasses:
We just have rain here in the South of the UK :umbrella:

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Yeah - I’d take snow over rain any day! It’ll be blue skies on Sunday :sunglasses:… although about zero degrees F :cold_face:

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10+ feet in the Sierras over the last week!

Down here at sea level just came in from my last ride of 2021:

Garmin ftp estimate update at the end of the ride. Just a couple watts off other estimates, highest ever FTP at the end of year which :crossed_fingers: should set me up for an awesome 2022 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I saw that in the news! Some record snowfall and apparently it still isn’t enough due to the effects of the drought.

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December snowfall at Donner Summit was 3rd highest of any month!

EPIC skiing, boarding and sliding!

Waving goodbye to 2021 :wave::wave::wave:

Post your 2022 adventures here:


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Nice sky pic! Didn’t someone start a 2022 thread?:rofl:

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@mcneese.chad can you please lock this 2021 thread?

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