Wheels for crit 28mm vs 45mm

I have a two wheelsets

Bontrager Aeolus xxx2 : 28mm depth 21mm internal width matched to gp5k 28c on latex tubes.


lightbicycle r45 : 45mm depth 17.9mm internal matched to gp5k 25c on tubeless. If I run 28c aero benefit will probably be voided.

I’ve been using the Bontrager and they’ve been nice. I’ve never ran a tubeless set up before. But I’d assume I can run an even lower pressure on them.

Would the lower pressure and aero benefit (lightbicycle) be better than the wider internal and wider tire (bontranger)?

Or should I run staggered rims. Shallow in front and 45 in back?

Staggered rims just to see the looks you get at the start line :sunglasses:

ETA: I actually saw something about indoor fixed crit riders running a wider tire up front for more grip…ymmv.

I’d ride the wider ones just for the grip tbh

It will likely be diminished, but not voided.

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It’s kind of interesting when I think of this. Similar to the rapide clx ii. Wider rim in the front and more narrow in the back.

Rapides run
35mm front external
30.7mm rear external


I’d run
27mm front external
25mm rear external
(With 25c tires)

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Use the 45 mm deep wheels. I see no advantage using shallow wheels in a crit race. You will still have aero gains even if your tire width exceeds the 105 % rule.

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I just learned something new. Thought maybe it was what young people thought track racing was called. But I Googled it. Brilliant.

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Here’s the article if anyone wants to read it — I know the other RH thread about knobbies has gotten a little long, but this one’s about slicks, so we’re good, right?