What workout did you do today? (2022)

True, but at the same time, I’m not sure it’s worth it. Maybe when you’re younger. I’ve had one or two times it’s paid off, but far more often when I push even though my body is telling me to take a break, I’ve ended up sick or in a hole that took a week or more to climb out of.


For sure. I really think its a matter of getting more proficient at knowing your body. So not ignoring it, but knowing what it truly is saying.


My body totally lied to me last weekend. Woke up Sunday feeling super-drained after Saturday’s over-unders, finally got round to throwing a leg over the saddle and heading out of the door for what I thought would be a half-hour recovery spin. I’d shoved a pb and j in my back pocket - why I don’t know - two hours and a solid tempo session later I was cursing that I hadn’t brought more. Body and mind woke up out of nowhere after 25 minutes…


I won’t lie. I thought the AI was broken when I got this one in the queue but Im learning to trust and I did it including following the directions to reduce the intensity to complete the intervals. And I think I rode harder than I ever have before! I got the struggle survey and added nutrition because I had an ill-timed meal before so I wasn’t quite underfeed, just not perfusing my GI tract! I still think this was a win!!!



VO2 Block - Workout 3/9
That was pretty tough. Fatigue caught up with me a bit. Still had a pretty good hit of VO2, not quite as high as I’d hoped. I should have gone for more strict 3min intervals, and probably less of them. I’ll bare that in mind for next Friday.

Away for the weekend with the family. Possible opportunity to sneak up the hill for a MTB before the family is up and at 'em. I’ll have to be careful not to add fatigue though or I’ll be in trouble come Monday’s VO2.


This is what not following a workout looks like:

in my defense its the last workout of a “recovery week” and I dont have a training plan lined up yet. So not really derailing any training or race plans.


If ever there was a Bald Knob, that’s it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

(I understand, but it saddened me just a tiny bit to see the knobs were gone yesterday lol)


Coincidence or silent protest? :thinking:

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Wait. They removed Bald Knob?

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:cry:In memory of the Knobs


Was trashed from yesterday’s 2 mile singletrack reps (MTB) so focused on recovery & skill work today. Smashed my balls going off a drop into a rock garden when my pedal hit a boulder sticking out on the side. Took a good 10 min to try not to throw up & catch my breath after that one. So I guess that makes two ball busters in a row. :sob:


I Failed dismally today. Beaten by Washington +2. I only lasted a minute into it but felt like I
gave up too easiy. These type of long vo2 max intervals (7 minutes) are so hard you have to be both mentally and physically fit for them.
Altho’ I was a bit tired , mentally I had the concentration of a flea.
In the end I did Abney which I enjoyed .Sweet spot ,low cadence , restored the lost mojo.
It doesn’t often happen ,but when I fail a workout and have to quit (as opposed to finishing it at reduced intensity) I always pick another shorter/easier one to do instead. I feel good when I have achieved this . Better than if I did nothing, or went off in a sulk.
I will revisit with Washington +2 another day…


Washington looks like just what I need!

Those are always the worst though, that length of time. Maybe I’ll give it a shot next week

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Those long intervals are my nemesis too. I have to really prep well, get a good nights sleep, have my head in the right place, have a smashing playlist, etc.


Coach had a genetic 3x15 min Sweetspot workout scheduled. I took the duration and TSS found something close and modified it in the workout creator.


Warlow -2 for me today. Didn’t cry, felt like an achievement. Really wasn’t sure I’d complete until the last 30 seconds. Temple scheduled for next week, so another rep on each interval. I’m scared already.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 3.08.32 PM


Woke up a bit later than I usually do so was pressed for time this morning. Wouldn’t be able to do a 3-4 hour endurance workout so just did Walker instead.


VO2 Block - Workout 4/9

“Very Hard” due to steadily building fatigue. Managed to get the HR/breathing response, but Power was not as high as last week (and I’d have not enjoyed any more intervals).

Will skip tomorrow’s easy ride.


I’m a Tempo/Sweet Spot junkie so after failing a Threshold workout on Friday, I decided to go for it today and do Polar Bear. I set an all time 2 hour power record which I’m pretty stoked about.


Didn’t know if I’d be recovered from that 155 miler on Saturday, but I set a 5 min power record of 358 on the last interval and could have easily done more :flushed:

Legs were kind of stubborn at first. Like “wtf is this pedaling stuff? We will burn.”