What’s your off season looking like?

If you are feeling tired now…taking a few days off and slowing things down for a bit is better for you then to just keep pushing

Two more big gravel races but they’re more like C or B races so I’m still riding my big mtb for fun here and there and going to the bike parks in CO. I’ll ride the mtb but no structured workouts, sprinkle in long days and then when Middle November hits then I’ll start ramping up with strength training and base.


“Off season” breaks) have always been good to me. I feel sluggish a few days while I get the rust off and then within a few weeks, with not much more than easy aerobic work I am right back where I was. In turn, this leads to reduced injury risk, bigger gains the next season and helps me mentally be refreshed and eager to get back to work. Best of luck!!


We should have a dedicated off season thread for people that live on heavy winter/snow areas where it’s basically unrideable outside for at least 3 months and there’s a variety of snow sports competing for your time.


So the rest of us can be jealous? :laughing:

I’d die to go skiing this winter. Living in it would be a dream I’ve held since I was little - even though I appreciate the reality is different.


It’s very cool, but hard to peak for spring races


I structure the off season by Matt Dixon’s paradigm with a dedicated “post-season” and “pre-season”.

Was off a little over 3 weeks due to vacation & travel.
Not really hungry to get back in because of travel stress. I know from previous seasons that I detrain very quickly so I have a few achievable sweet spot workouts on the calendar to get back in.

For the next 8-12 weeks, depending on travel:
3x gym with heavier weights
2-3x bike with 1-2 sweet spot and rest endurance, using train now
2x run including a club run, a commute, and a trail run every other weekend

The aim is to maintain a lower training volume, strength and technical development. I want to come out fresh and hungry for more.
At the same time I’m trying to hold onto some muscular endurance, while I’m okay to loose a little. I’m food tracking to achieve a slightly more muscular body composition and maintain good protein intake.

My pre-season usually starts after Christmas, but I maybe will push it by a month out in favor of XC ski.
I will probably do traditional base MV 2+3 again this year, dropping some running and go to 1-2 gym sessions


I came down with Covid 3 days before my A race a couple weeks ago. So, did my taper, and then immediately had to audible into another 2 weeks of completely off the bike to recover.

I’ll have a couple weeks of getting back on the bike and ramping up before a 2 week trip at the end of October with a bunch of hiking and being outdoors before really ramping back up again with consistent workouts in November.

I’m a fan of the Low Volume plan plus lifting plus a long Endurance / Free Ride on top of it. SSB1/2, Sustained Power Build, Century Plan Cycles for me leading into next summer.

Pretty curious to see what happened to my FTP / Fitness when I really start to ramp back up again. I was up ~45W so far in 2022 and am trying to get into Leadville for next year and want to add another ~40 on top of that. I am optimistically telling myself that the break will be good for me in the long run.


Snow sports like fat biking?

At then 64, I hired a coach and for the first time had a serious off season of consistent structured training (10+hrs/week). I got stronger and all around better. Rode rides this year that in the previuos years I could not have done (or done well). Will easily surpass 10,000km for the first time.

Because of my success last year, this off season I’m going to keep up that structured training. I’m not sure yet if I will retain a coach or go it on my own, but my goal is to raise my FTP and stamina further - with an eye on doing even more in 2023.


Got myself a concept 2 rower the other day so incorporating rowing and plan to also get the skierg. Continue to do base strength with my powerblocks.

For cycling get 2 sessions a week mainly following TrainNow inside and ride more outside. Followed plans in the past but at this point want not to be so serious.

And totally unrelated to training keep having a great time hanging with my daughter. 3 years ago I took a step back from training and even work stuff and put my time spent into perspective and it has been amazing.


Just started setting up my off season plan, focusing more on strength training and mobility. I’m going to try traditional base starting next week through the end of December (LV +1 extra Z1-2 ride/week) with strength 3x/week and mobility 1-2x/week. Then I’ll take a couple of weeks off of structure and probably not a whole lot of riding around the holidays and start an AT plan the second week of January with less strength - maybe 2x/week and keeping the mobility. I don’t race - I’m really just training to get stronger/faster for riding outside in the warmer weather, so timing for peak fitness isn’t crucial.


I don’t have too much time this year as I am finishing my proffesional diploma (part-time) and working full-time. Also trying to prioritise my relationship vs bikes! Hard to accept but its the right thing to do!

Starting Nov (as clocks change).

November - Off completely 2 weeks, maybe walks and hikes and start bouldering.
2 weeks to restart, including 1 run, 1 rock climb, 1 gym, 1 z2 2h ride and 1 z2 4h ride + mtb.

December to January - 1 to 0 Run, 2 Gyms, 1 rock climb, 1 to 2 Z2 2h, 1 Z2 5h.

February onwards regular TR LV with 1 Gym per week

Racing (XC club leagues) start in May through to August.

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Congrats on the results. And what is it you do as off season structure?

Thanks for asking @schmidt
In the off-season, when the temp is below 40, I ride indoors on a Kickr. A typical week will have two intense workouts (Sweet Spot intervals, Tempo, etc), one longer ride (2-5 hours) in zone 2 , and two active recovery rides with one day off. Four or more times a week I invest about an hour in stretching and core exercises. My coach had me practice eating every endurance ride (discover what I can stomach well, develop my pacing of eating carbs, improve technique of eating on the bike). Everything gets recorded and compared to hold me accountable. And of course, I read and watch relevant videos/podcasts tied to my cycling interests.