What happened in this workout...or, why it's hard to train with HR

You are so funny, lol, average speed at 2.2 EF has gotta be a lot higher than my 1.4-1.6 EF. And you did get it outdoors :rofl: Speaking for myself, as a cat5 with 275w ftp and high ftp as % vo2max, Endurance riding with high adherence to zone2 simply makes me slower on group rides. My new motto is avoid zone2 high adherence except when tired and I want to take it easy.

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I’m so used to people rolling away from me on climbs and then me devouring them on descents that I don’t think twice when I’m getting dropped (and neither do my riding buds). But…it helps having my w/kg and FTP - it makes outside endurance riding so much easier


All I’m going to say is Friday’s headwind my speed dropped to 13mph at 300W, multiple times, while in full Merckx class aero position. That is some soul sucking HTFU lol, and unlike you, I can only hold 300W for about 8 minutes!

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That is 100% true. Generally speaking the more bearings and belts, the more this effect. Or if you have an elite direto where you can actually jerk with the tension using an allen key. Also, some orthogonal strain gauge arrays will reader higher as the delta between the temp @ zero and ambient temp gets larger…in other words, zero cold and ride warm if you want a larger power reading.

How long before the ride did you finish eating? I have a big negative decoupling when I’m finishing digesting on the bike.