What groupset for steel frame?

At the end of the month, I have my new steel frame arriving. It will see lots of solo rides at varied pace, a reasonable number of fast group rides, and the odd semi-competitive timed sportive.

I am really torn on groupset choices, and really can’t make up my mind, so I thought I’d mine the hive mind here.

Option 1: UDi2 (12sp) . The groupset is functionally flawless (I’ve used it), and I really like being able to set the hood buttons for SRAM style shifting. Against: it’s maybe a little soulless, and a little heavy.
Option 2: Record (mechanical 12sp). I love the ergonomics and the feel. Against: it’s mechanical, so less reliable/more maintenance heavy than Di2.
Option 3 (aka the leftfield option): Classified powerhub and mechanical Ultegra. Seems to combine all the advantages of 1x and 2x. Against: if Classified go pop in the next few years, you’ve got real problems, as the cassette/freehub interface is proprietary.

So which would the TR crowd put on their steel frame?

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If $ and maintenance don’t matter, Campy ergonomics are sooooo amazing!


I don’t quite understand the question: frame material has no bearing on your choice of groupset. To me ergonomics is the most important and if you like Campagnolo, go with that.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the extra maintenance, it’ll be fine.

Campy. Every. Single. Time.

What do you mean by UDi2 being flawless yet soulless? What gives a groupset soul?

Record. I really wish there were more polished options in the Campag line. This is my steel frame w Centaur 11 (the only polished option last year)