Watts per/kg needed to qualify for 70.3 worlds and Kona

This lists the FTP/Kg for a bunch of Kona qualifiers.


The point trying to make is that I am not a beast (but thanks for the compliment;)). That makes it sound unattainable. A 4 or 5 watt per kg triathlete can still blow an Ironman bike with poor execution.


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For those times when riding aero isn’t aero enough

Totally, I didn’t truly get this until I took on some very hilly 70.3s and couldn’t figure out why I performed so badly. You might be able to get away with it on flat courses, but I strongly recommend taking the power meter out in the road and simulating your race efforts.

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Hi, can you please say where the specific numbers, e.g. 'Under 40 male qualifiers were 4.0+ w/kg with an FTP of 290+", are in Jim Vance’s book Triathlon 2.0 ? Which page and section? Thank you!

Page 43 of Triathlon 2.0 (Table 4.1).

Thank you

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